Sex Prior To Marriage

There are many men and women out there today that are playing the field, sex-wise.  Since today’s norm is that people are getting married later than it used to be say 20 years ago.   Sex can be part of the “compatibility” in finding the one, but it can’t be the only reason or the center of a relationship.

The church stresses importance in waiting until your married to have sex.  But you don’t have to save purity until then. You can be pure now.

But there are several people all over the world who don’t practice Christianity, and thus don’t follow the Church’s standards to be a “virgin”.  

There are many people who don’t even marry at all.  But still live together with said partner or whatever may be the cause.

For me, obviously, I never waited until I was married to have sex. I thought I wanted to wait but that changed altogether  when I was 17.  But I knew that sex shouldn’t be the only reason to be compatible with someone.  However as much I was physically and emotionally ready to have sex, my-ex boyfriend was the wrong guy that I gave it away to because we weren’t really compatible at all, in many areas.  I wished I waited for my next boyfriend who is my husband today.   Knowing at 17 that I had a high sex drive, and I wanted to explore, so in between my ex and my husband, I also had a one night stand.

My husband just happened to be a virgin when we got together. He did have several chances prior to me, but didn’t go through it.  I love that part of him.   I know that he still fantasizes what would have been like to be with someone else, sexually (and he would have left in the beginning if that was case), but I trust that he still is happy with me, and wants to grow old with me.

Anyway,  my husband and I  did have our relationship centered around mostly on sex for our first year of dating…. we didn’t really explore much beyond that but we were in love and knew that we were meant to be, and did invest in the relationship more after our first year.   Honestly, things were vanilla for the longest time, sexually and beyond even into our marriage too.  We did drift apart off and on. Yes, I was tempted outside of marriage. I did have infidelity, but it didn’t go as far as actual intercourse with someone else.  However for the last two years, things have changed so much.  We invest into each other so much more.  We adore every moment that we have together, embrace physical touch (not just sex LOL), and more and he allows us/me to be adventurous, pushing a little bit out of the box with everything still in the safe zone together.  There is so much more pure intimacy in all areas of our marriage these days now.  I am so truly, deeply, and madly happy with my husband now sexually, and romantically, spiritually, emotionally.  I have full  pure devotion for him.  I don’t need the sex field anymore. God has helped me so much with that.  Opening my eyes that I have the “best thing” in Isaiah and in our marriage.  I am so much blessed these days.  I love you so much, babe!

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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