Godly Change in Me

 I am amazed.  I’ve been transforming for the better for myself, for my husband, for our kids,  for our  marriage and for God for the last two years (well almost as of April).   We’re coming up on 9 years married (and 14 years total in coupledom) in May.  April is always the season of re-birth. I was born alive again literally in 2013.

I’ve been investing in change so much for the good since then and I am so thankful.  I have learned to love, respect, and submit to my husband (and myself) in a new light.  I am loving myself. I am having a better beautiful relationship with God.  Our marriage is more Christ-centered.  I have been diving into prayer on a daily basis for everything (good things, struggles, my husband, kids, family members, friends, etc.)

2015 is here.  I can see more change.  I have been reading the bible more (yeah, if you read my 2015 goals in a previous posts earlier this month, that is ONE of them!). Learning more biblical truths that can easily relate to so much about myself, our marriage, and etc.  I strive to glorify God.  That I can with my body, with my soul, with my heart. I am checking out more Christian websites, books, and more that can still make me holy (and still make me ME). 

God has showed me that Faith is my one word for 2015.  I have to have more faith in everything in life. To Trust in God.  That my life isn’t mine. It is HIS.  That I live according to Him.  That I share my life with the Lord AND with my husband.  Yes, I am literally married to both men.  I am also learning to find joy (and faith) in doing more things around the house because its all part of glorifying to God. especially more so that I am still a stay home mom/wife and have the time to accomplish that.   I feel good when I do much more productive things.   

I am learning to be more positive and faithful with everything, like I said, it’s all in God’s way.    Of course, I’m not perfect. I still struggle with some areas and I am working on it. In time, I will see more transformation with that.  I have and will  have days where I’m just off, and the next day will always be fresh and better.   I’ll never be perfect, but I can grow and grow better each time!

 I am very thankful to the Lord for many gifts.  Life, my husband, our marriage, my kids, and the unconditional chances to keep thriving as a godly woman and unveiled wife.   I am taking care of myself too.  I am seeing more joy everywhere.  I look forward to many more experiences. I am ready to take on whatever throws at me.  I know God will guide me through everything, and love that my husband will be along my side.  We have so much more life to live through together and we can rock it all! We have a messy and  beautiful marriage!

I can still be crazy but in a really good respectful way, and just want to cherish all that I have with God, my husband, and our kids.  I just need to keep  on transforming Jesus in me, and lead in his life inside me, and share that beauty with my husband and my kids.  Our hearts, our soul and our life is so precious.  We need to take care of that in love, and share that with others.  I love LOVE and I feel blessed to share that beautiful unity with my husband.  He has stood by me for so long after all that we’ve been through and thankful that he is still married to me!  I love you, Isaiah! He is my reason in my godly change!!!

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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