Wife After God: My Devotional Thoughts Part II

Since my previous post about this topic… I have since gotten past day 12 and am currently on Day 17.  I now share my continued thoughts from my Wife After God devotional book.  Jennifer Smith is Unveiled Wife.  She is the author of this book.

She talks about the Armor of God and that she stresses that that it plays a role in marriage majorly.   The Armor of God includes six parts that include Belt of Truth, Breastplate of Righteousness, Gospel of Peace, Shield of Faith, Helmet of Salvation and Sword of Spirit.

In Belt of Truth,  we see God’s Truth.  It gives us comfort that brings healing and peace. We are to be sincere in our actions and behavior.  Truly honest in what we say and do.

In Breastplate of Righteousness, we are to live God’s ways. We accept love, joy, peace patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

In Gospel of Peace, we are to rely on God for it.  We are to want harmony.  If we have peace, there is no place for selfishness.

In Shield of Faith, you are to trust that God’s plan is the way to live.  Faith builds confidence.  Faith shields negativity. It feeds soul passion and purpose in life, especially in marriage.

In Helmet of Salvation,  we are to extend grace to our husbands/wives for sin, faults and failures.  We are to forgive, pray and allow them to change.

Sword of Spirit is the Word of God which is the bible.  You learn how to live and act in God’s love story.

So basically when we wear the Armor of God, we are able to provide protection, peace/harmony and intimacy in our marriage.

Jennifer also stresses about pride.  Pride isn’t love. It’s selfishness. It pushes people away. 

“Pride is not motivated by love,  it will keep  you from surrendering, it will keep you from apologizing, and it will keep you from forgiving.  Pride gives birth to bitterness and resentment” (Smith, 68). 

In order for marriage to thrive successfully, we are to lay down our pride.  We are to release it to God.

Jennifer also talks about Reverence for Christ.  It is basically about submission. It is part of God’s love story.  

“Submission is a posture of the heart translated through behavior. It’s a loving response to leadership and respecting the order which God has placed” (Smith 79).

There are three orders which include that husband and wives submit to God’s will above all; both husband and wives submit to each other respectfully; wives submit to their husbands.

“In marriage, a husband mirror’s Christ as he leads his wife through love, her response is submission to him” (Smith, 81).

We are help-meet for our husbands.  So this can be done in respecting decisions. Doing things joyfully that the other wants to do with them. 

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