Wife After God: My Devotional Thoughts Part 1

I am currently doing the 30 day devotional by Unveiled Wife of “Wife After God”,  Drawing Closer to God & Your Husband.  Unveiled Wife is Jennifer Smith.  She blogs about developing  Christ-centered marriages on her website through encouragement, devotions and prayers of the day and also on FB.  Her website is http://www.unveiledwife.com

I have gotten to day 12 so far.  I am enjoying it. I am definitely feeling that I am drawing closer to God and to my husband.  I have soaked up a few things from the devotional book.  

That God created men & women as to they could be husband and wife, in order to bring Glory to him.  Marriage is His love story.   

“This was God’s great design for marriage:  that you would respect your husband through your words and actions and that he would love you unconditionally just as Christ loves the Church” (Smith, 19).  

  I am definitely learning about respecting my husband more and giving him that on a daily basis.

To make our marriage thrive more,  we are to protect our companionship.  Companionship is to enjoy life together, comfort each other, and to stand by each other to weather through every storm.   We both are gifts from God. 

  “It is important to see your husband and yourselves as gifts to each other everyday that you have together, for that will influence how you treat each other ” (Smith, 28).  

  I definitely treasure my husband as my gift from God.  I have learned to treat him more unconditionally  more so now that I did in the past.  I unwrap him every morning.  God gave me Isaiah for several reasons. 

Transforming love is all about expressing love of Christ towards your husband unconditionally.  It reflects God’s love story,  especially in reconciliation. 

“Reconciliation redeems relationships, restoring harmony, peace, and agreement.”(Smith, 35). 

It’s all about giving grace to your husband regardless of circumstance/situation.    Grace is more present in our marriage now than it was in the beginning.  I want to fight that we continue to stay reconciled.

I love how Jennifer talks about viewing your wedding ring as perfect, unending circle. 

She stresses “Let it serve as a reminder that your marriage will encounter fire, but if you surrender it to God it will withstand anything  and it will be made into something beautiful. “(Smith, 41).  

It’s a great view.   I love looking at my ring.  Reminding me why I am united with my husband.   That I am to share and fight our love story with my husband.

We all are worthy and that our marriage is worthy.  We are to keep fighting for ourselves, our spouse 

“Bring good to your husband all the days of his life.  He is worth it.  Regardless of his sin, he is worth it. ” (Smith, 48).  

Absolutely.  Isaiah is worth it.  He has so much good qualities in him that I feel so blessed to be his wife.   He makes me want to better myself all the time.

Posture plays a role in our lives, especially in our marriage.  A  huge part of it is our attitude.  

 “Attitude is the posture of your heart and it is almost always expressed physically through your body language. “(Smith,  51).  

It plays a huge role in daily communication with your husband.  A good attitude involves humility, compassion,  selflessness, patience, and unconditional love.    I am definitely embracing my heart’s attitude more.  I know I was the latter for a good chunk of our marriage.  Unfortunately…. But God has worked through me (and my husband has  too) to change.  I express more love, joy, peace, and etc. daily.  I know I am human, and I do fail sometimes. So I ask  for forgiveness and restart my posture.   I focus more positive side of everything more these days, and let go of any negativity to God.


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