Devoting To God and Our Marriage

So for the past week and a bit… I have been spending more time in the bible, doing devotions, more prayers and just soaking up everything.  I want to be a Wife After God.   I want to draw closer to the Lord and to my husband at the same time.   I am viewing the Lord as my father.  I am viewing my husband as God. 

I want to give unconditional love, grace and more to my husband every day. I want to love, honor and respect my husband just as I would to God.   I want our marriage to reflect God’s love story.   I want our kids look upon us and decide that they want to have a marriage like ours in the future when they grow up.  I want our marriage to be hot and holy at the same time.    I love my husband.  I picture my husband every day. I get to unwrap him.   I see God giving me my husband as a gift from him every day. I thank my blessings that He has chosen Isaiah to be MY husband. The person that I am to share my life with for all of our days.  

 My husband is amazing.  We have been through so much.   We have literally grown so much for the last 2 years, almost, even though we’ve been together for more than a decade, and married for almost a decade.   But  we continue to grow, and better ourselves all the time.  I walk along my husband every day.  That I love him, and cherish him no matter what.    We are human.  We are to sin, but we are able to forgive and mature on.

 I love how our marriage is now, compared to what it was before,  in the beginning.  That it is much more stronger, deeper, loving, and beautiful.  There is more patience, grace, compassion, and so much more.  We are still learning more about each other, and learning together.   We are working as a team in this. That we fight for it everyday. For it to be long-lasting forever.  That our marriage to be a fierce one!!!   

My husband is mine  today, tomorrow and forever.    I love him with all of my heart, mind, soul and body.   That  God created us so that we could share his love story.  Our is beautiful.  Because we were troubled before, and we are saved.  Our marriage is now centered around Christ.  We are to trust in God.  That everything is in His hands.  Especially with our marriage.  That we can ask him to guide us every day.  To Mold us.  To Protect Us.

 I can’t change my husband but I can change myself.  God CAN change both of us. He has the power to do that.  My heart warms that everything continues to marvel more amazing transformations.   In all aspects….  I have been cleaning my house more often and in depth this month and I want to continue.  To glorify God.  To glorify my role as a wife.  That I am to serve as a daughter to the Lord and as a wife to my husband.  That I want to be HIS to both men.


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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