Laughter is bringing  Joy.   It creates happy memories. That you can reflect later on with a smile! 

My husband loves to bring me to a smile.  I will laugh when he tickles me and I try to tickle him back.

We have been doing game nights lately.  Mostly with his sister and future BIL.  It’s been so fun. We laugh too.  Cute smirks and you know, whatever in a good way. We also  had game night with our friends on NYE too.   You have to be open-minded to do this game.  It’s kind of like Balderdash, but with more gross things or statements.  Horrible something. Is what it is called.   But we deal with this game with love.  Like it’s not meant to hurt anyone.  We had so much fun in the process.  We got the game, and plan to use it with other people that can be open-minded too.

Our children make us laugh.  With whatever they are doing.   Goofy looks or positions or whatever.  They can say the cutest and the weirdest things too.

I want more laughter in our household for 2015.  As a couple and as a family. That we have FUN! So that we can remember this year so vividly with so much amazing memories. Whether it’s at home, or out and about.

It is more precious to be content of ourselves, with each other.   To be so warmly, and funny.   All to be done in love. That we want to be around and want more 🙂


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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