My 2014 Memories!

Just wanted to share what were my most memorable moments of 2014 that were amazing since 2015 is now here!

Spending an entire week alone with my husband in Jamaica in January! That was so awesome! It was greatly overdue and we reconnected a lot which was needed in our marriage.  We hadn’t gone away alone for a week since our honeymoon in late May/Early June 2006.  Yeah, literally almost 8 years in the making. We plan to have another romantic trip away in a few years. Sadly, because we have kids… and we live on one income, it’s impossible to do it every year or even every other.  But I can see more happening when our boys are teenagers! I can’t wait.  I think the next one, we can plan for is 2018/2019.   We’ll see!  But a family trip is on the horizon, most likely for next January because a friend of ours is getting married in Florida, and Disney would be awesome to do with the kids at the same time.  So we’ll see!

My husband was home on paternal leave from January to May.  4 months.  It was awesome. I really appreciated his help and just having his company!  He also managed to get 3 more weeks off in the fall too… regular vacation in September, October & December.  That rocked!  I know my husband won’t have that much time off this year, but a good chunk of it will be in August (3 weeks) and 1 week in May & June.   We look forward to it!

We did do a family vacation in Collingwood, 4 hours up north from where we are in July. It was a lot of fun.  We managed to even try out a new waterpark attraction while vacationing there and they had fun. We hope to return there this summer, right after school ends in late June, or at least in July again.

My husband and I did our first 5K with the Color Run in September and it was a lot of fun. We plan to do it again this year.

Our family dressed up as Power Rangers for Halloween and it was so fun. We even did that for a couples Halloween Party too.   We’re definitely dressing up again for Halloween this year. Just not sure what yet LOL.

Went to our first basketball game in November.  To see London Lighting.  IT was so much fun.  The seats ended up being better than we thought.  I loved being able to cheer and high-five the players at the end 🙂  I hope to go more games like that with Isaiah.

We loved celebrating Christmas with family. 3 days of that!  We also hosted our first NYE party at our house with friends that are couples as well and it was a success!  Loved it.  We hope to host a couple more parties this year at our house, but we’ll have to see!  I definitely can see one happening in the summer, with mixed group. couples and singles. We’ll see!

So 2015 is here…. plan to make more even awesome memories and do more new things with my family and my husband! Happy New Year!


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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