Marry After College?

.Well,  I was engaged at the end of my second year of university.  I had been with my boyfriend for 3 years at that time. We decided to marry two years later.  I was supposed to graduate then, but I never did.  I dropped out at the end of  my third year deciding that university wasn’t for me.   I turned my part-time job to full time in 2005.  I had been living with my fiancé (as of May 2005).

I had met my boyfriend at the end of high school, well, with a year post-grad left to finish.  and my parents had wanted me to explore other relationships while at university, but I was extremely happy with my boyfriend and I knew eventually we would marry.    They did say that not to move in with him until after I graduated, but wedding was set for that, and I refused. I was already struggling academically anyway.  I wanted us to live together for a year before we got married.   We did live together for a full year before the wedding.   My husband didn’t have a good paying job until Fall of 2007 but we made it through the struggles of our first year being married with his former job stress at a call centre and other things.  Our first year living together and then the next year being married (first year) was really hard. But we tried to make the best of it. And we still went through up and downs in the many years that followed after.  We had a good 6 years off and on of TTCing our family.  Infidelity on my end.   Family drama and deaths and etc.

Fast forward to now.  We have been married for almost 9 years and together for almost 14 years.  This will be exactly that in May 2015 (both dating and wedding).  We are much closer.  We are walking very much deep in love together.  We are much closer to the Lord.  We have grown emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually as individually and as a couple.  We have 3 living boys and 3 angel babies that we are proud to be parents of.  We are also fur parents to 2 cats and 1 dog.   We own a house.  I am a SAHM as of 2009 (and now dabbling photography on the side). My husband is still at Toyota (has been since 2007).  7 years (2 contract and 5 permanent).

I love my life with my husband.  God had given me him.  We know we are meant to be together.   Growing up, I had no idea who my husband would be, and ideally, I didn’t really have a set goals.  I had dreams, and I naturally would just let it fall in place.   I wasn’t really looking for “the one” at the time when Isaiah and I met in July 2000 (and furthering that friendship in May 2001).  But not everyone is lucky to find love early.  I was 17. He was 18.  We married when we were 22 and 23.

Definitely go with your heart.  If you find true love before college or after, keep that relationship.   You can marry while doing pre-grad, post-grad school work.    You and Your spouse can encourage each other, especially during stressful times.  Whether it’s school, work, and other things.

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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