Faith & Blessings

I’ve started to read my new book, “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” By Theresa Caputo for the past week or so.   She is the star of TLC’s Long Island’s Medium.  She reads dead people. She will bring messages to loved ones on the behalf of the souls who are no longer here in the physical world.  I wish I personally would have a private reading with her.  I would love to hear from my own children that are already angels with God.  Noah, Savannah and our other unborn child from when I was 18.  Maybe someday.  We’ll see!

Theresa talks about many things.  So far, I really like Faith and Blessings that are mentioned in her book.

“So much of faith, then is about trust. Trusting others and yourself.  Trusting your journey, choices, and lessons. Believing that there is a plan.   Faith is also about going all-in and managing fear later. ” (Caputo, 19).

It is what I try to do with my life.  That I put faith in what happens in my life.  What I end up doing in this life.  Absolutely, we’ll all fail there and there which then worry takes over faith, but we have to remember that God is in control. He is the one that sets our path, and we are to follow.  He only can foresee the future for us.  We can only see today.  We have to let go.  It’s not a easy thing.    Faith is an ongoing virtue throughout life.  I am learning to give more faith with everything.  Especially with my marriage, and with my family.   I ask God and Spirit through prayer daily now, that just to guide me.  We will know in time, wherever and whatever we are meant to be in.

“I do think God rewards faith and major steps in spiritual growth though, to encourage you to keep at it and spread the word about how much of an impact a blessing can have. I’ve also seen how the sheer act of expressing appreciation can raise your vibration and attract more positive things to  you, including blessings. ”  (Caputo,65).

“Being thankful also raises your awareness”. (Caputo, 66).

I have been blessed really, all of my life. I was born deaf since birth.  I have been blessed to have a normal growing up experience.  I am blessed that I survived my only OR surgery at 6 in order to get a cochlear implant so I could hear.  Not be in the world of silence for the rest of my life.  I embraced life as if there was no tomorrow.  I was carefree.  Enjoyed everything that life had to offer, and I’m sure I drove my parents crazy all the time. I absolutely started to evolve more of me as a teen and into adulthood, and I am still growing.  There are several many positive blessings in my life.  

I am extremely aware that I do have an amazing life right now. I am blessed to have an awesome husband who has been with me for almost 14 years (and married for almost 9 years),  have 3 living boys and 3 angel babies.  A warm house.  Stay at home mom and etc.  I  have an eye for photography.   I do have been through tough times though.  I became more accepting of me after I started dating my husband.  He has loved me for who I am. I continue to grow for the better though. To be a better wife and mother.   I never gave up hope completely with our marriage, and with having a family.   I have so much more faith in both things now.  I feel so more secure with everything now.  I leave so much control to God now and submitting to my husband on a daily basis.  That we are on the same team.  I am not alone. I am living life together with my best friend in the entire world.  I love you,  Isaiah!  Thank  you so much for all that you have done all this time.  You are my rock!


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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