Walking With The Lord

We are trying as a family, as a couple and as individually in working on our spiritual growth with the Lord.  With praying, mass and just simply growing to live in Christ daily.   We want to be a god-fearing men, women and family.

We pray as a family during meal times, especially at dinner. It’s more complete when my husband is home from work on day shift.  I remember growing up with my family that we would pray at dinner time as a family, especially on Sundays as when everyone was most available to be together.   My husband and I have also made it a habit to pray with our boys at bedtime, just before they go to bed.  I should probably start to pray over Jackson’s crib too. 

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I pray daily on my own whenever I can. For everything, especially over our marriage, myself, my husband, and our children.  That I ask Spirit to guide us in the right direction as how to go about life daily.

My husband became a Catholic while we were engaged, in the process of preparing for our marriage.   We married in the church that I “grew” up in during my teenage years as that is where I lived nearby on Maitland with my family.   But then we were living downtown at the time, so we switched to St. Peter’s but we actually didn’t really go to church if at all, during our marriage, except for weddings, funerals and our boys baptisms, and the occasional Christmas/Easter mass (but that was more so during our early dating years/engagement).

Now that Logan and Austin are in school, they are Catholic. So they do attend masses over the course of the school year so  they are making their own walk in the Lord as a children.  But we want to increase that as a family by going to mass together.  So last week, my husband took them to their school’s church, which is St. Patrick’s.  They did okay.

This week, it was my turn.  I decided to take them to my old ” home” church which is St. Mike’s (as mentioned above in this blog).   Right away, I felt at home.  I felt peace.  I felt as if Spirit told me that this is where we need to be.  This church is full of memories.  Even though,  Father Jim who married us is at St. Peter’s.  Father Murray is my first pastor that I had as a child and is at St. Mike’s now.  So I think we are going to follow this direction and make the switch back to St. Mike’s.  So that we can continue to grow as a family there spiritually.   They even have babysitting so we could even bring J there and the rest of us can still enjoy mass together.   So I feel happier now.   It is a new change, but it is a good thing!  We plan to go to mass as much as  possible.  That is our goal!

I felt that this was a huge spiritual change for me.   That I am accepting the Church as a home now.  It is really ironic though.  I struggled as a teen going to mass.   I didn’t really “connect” then.   Even with youth group, it was still hard.   So now I’m in my 30’s,  with raising three boys and married,  I am more connected to God and the Church.   I grow more a little bit every day.  It is an amazing transformation.  I feel more blessed all the time.

I loved this “card” post on Facebook by Club 31 Women.   It had said,  I’m not just raising little boys. I am raising future husbands, fathers and god-fearing men.  It is true. I am trying to teach them to be doing right through Christ.


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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