Embracing Every Day With Your Husband As Your Best Friend

Christ wants us to experience small part of heaven here in the physical world now.   My husband is my heaven.  I feel heavenly with him and around him every day, more so these days now.  My husband is a blessing from God.  I want to cherish every day that I have  him as my best friend too.  I find joy that I get to spend every day with  him regardless of what shift he is on for work.  I cherish the fact that I get to be in the same bed with him every day.  I admired that he still found determination to go shovel in our driveway last night, after being home an hour later than usual along with eating dinner and helping me handle bath time with our boys, so that we could all get out safely today.  I admire that so much.

“Being thankful when you’re not feeling it is a way of showing God that you trust Him to handle the situation” (Schacht, 150). 

 I absolutely agree with Darlene’s  above statement in Messy Beautiful Love.  I am practicing more these days to let go of the little things.   I want to keep capturing joy in my life and in my husband’s life as well.  I am learning to trust more and leave things beyond my control in God’s hands.  He has created me and continues to transform me, my husband and our marriage.  I try to be more patient these days with everything that I do or say.  I continue to practice in being more loving. Everyone is affected!

“A best friend is a God thing, especially when that best friend is your husband.  Friendship is the jelly in the sandwich of marriage.  It holds you together on the days when life pulls the plate out from under you ” (Schacht, 159).

This is very true.  I love Darlene’s way of thinking. We have endured so much road bumps throughout our relationship and marriage.  There’s been days in the past where I felt that he could slip away from me completely, but he  hasn’t.  It’s amazing.  Totally a God thing.  We are that much in love with each other, love each other, and care about each other enough to want to keep each other going and ride things out together.   My husband also knows when I am down or stressed and tries what he can to turn that frown up and get me to share what’s going on in my heart.  I’ve always been able to be myself around him because he doesn’t judge me, and I open up more all the time.  Sometimes, I still hold back a little but with help from God, I find the light to do it.  Spirit guides me to share.

I want to be my husband’s best friend too.  I hope he feels that way.  I want to be that person who makes him laugh, and cheer him on.  I want him to know that he can trust me with his heart and know that I love him dearly, more than to the moon and back.

Friendship is the heartbeat of the marriage.  That is what solidified our relationship to bloom.  We were friends for almost a year before we started dating.  We would get to know each other through email surveys that would help to know each other, chats online and in person at the bowling alley.  Then in the early dating days, we would know each other more with letters, and more conversations would be in depth during car rides.    We know each other more upon being engaged and living together.  I remember trying to be with him with his darkest days with stress at his old job and dealing with his bipolar moods.   And cheering him on with Toyota, and his weight loss.  Communication would be up and down over the years of our marriage, and somewhere along the line, it came to the point where we wouldn’t share what was really on our minds and just brief conversations.   We woke up in April 2013 with our most heartfelt talk, the longest we had a in a long time and realized that we needed to be working on each other. Focus on US.  Rebuild everything, especially friendship and communication.  With help of God, we continue to transform ourselves and our marriage.  We are more connected as friends, lovers, spouses, etc. now.  I pray all the time for our bond in friendship to grow more everyday.  I want to be that wife and best friend where my husband is wanted by me warmly.  That I can walk in compassion and grace towards him for life. Spirit is working with me to do that for my husband daily.

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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