Praising Your Spouse Can Go A Long Way In Marriage

Praising feels good.  It’s part of giving.   It brings joy and peace to your spouse and to the marriage.  It rebuilds more bliss all around.  It can be simple as thank you for dinner or providing our family,  or  a compliment like  that is a beautiful dress shirt/dress you that you are wearing, etc..  It’s an ongoing goal daily.  You really see the difference where there is more love. That you see your spouse more in the goods.  Appreciatively.  Try it. 

I love seeing sweet morning messages to wake up to, like my husband sent to me before he started his day shift at work this morning. I also do the same to him, day or night (depending on his shift work hours).    I worked in the basement earlier this afternoon.  Once our youngest son, J was down for a nap. Going through toys that our boys have lost interest in playing with or just outgrew them.  I started this process yesterday and just finished up today.   I have plans to donate it all to Goodwill after picking up my older boys at school shortly. My husband told me via text on his last break that this is an awesome thing that I’m doing.  Many families will appreciate these toys as Christmas is around the corner.  This is a Christ thing I am doing.    

There are many more praises that we’ve given each other as time has gone on.  It really has helped our marriage.  For us to want to keep being together. Keep working at US.   We see more amazing transformations within each other.  We keep growing TOGETHER.   We are one step closer to Christ all the time.   I pray for God to keep building us up to each other on a daily basis.  To keep sending Spirit to  us with grace,  peace and respect.  


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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