Your Husband Is the Leader

How to view your husband as the leader of the home.     You see him as the head of the home as like the Church follows Christ.    We are to submit to our husband. It’s a choice that we make.  Our submission  is the godly response to His love.   It is done through obeying,  focusing on Him and his Will.  It is to please Him.   Wifey submission brings glory to God.   We are to be living in a way that draws our husband close to God.  Honoring our husbands brings Glory to God.   If we allow our husband in leadership, it brings a blissful house.

I am the dominant one when it comes to our kids as I am a SAHM. I am around them more than my husband is.  But I do try to let him lead when he is home.  He may have a different away of dealing with them or doing things with them and or with our pets.  We are on the same page of rules and the like though.  We have different creativity and bond with our kids and pets  but we love them all the same.    My husband does more than probably most dads today.   He has woken up for them,  taking care of our kids when they are both healthy and not healthy,  made meals,  treated them to a toy/special food, bottle-fed all three boys, picks them up from school, will help with bath time, read stories,  prayers at dinner time, and etc.   My husband also leads with going to work to provide for our family (so I can stay home), deals with finances  and etc.   

But  I do encourage him.  I let him know that he is a great dad and husband.      He is there for me too!  I continue to try to keep stepping back so my husband could lead more.

I am more supportive of him than I have in the past.   I also submit to him in doing my part around the house,  care for the kids, doing meals, and the like.    I bring my husband up to God.  For how he is an amazing blessing.   I believe God continues to equip him with wisdom and strength on a daily basis.  I  look at my husband as I would to God.  My husband continues to grow more in grace and molding more into Christ everyday.    I really appreciate my husband for who he truly is.  My husband has expressed his love recently with comforting me for the past week.  He took bereavement time off work for the passing of my Nanie and Aunt Judy so he could be with me.   He woke up for the boys so I could get some sleep.  He took care of Austin over the weekend (mostly overnight) as he got sick.


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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