Doing Right Is Better than to Be Right

We are to practice patience and kindness. We are to let go of pride and jealousy and anger.  It is better to walk in peace than it is to win.  This is agape love.  We are to love others as we would love ourselves.  This is love in Christ. 

We influence those who are close to us.  It’s better to be joyful and peaceful.  We can control ourselves in what we do with our time, react to things and etc.  Marriage can be more improved with the way you react to your spouse,  in the ways that you give joy,  how you react to your kids and the tone of the house.   

It is very true.   Our marriage has greatly improved with the positivity,  patience, kindness, etc. We aren’t clouded with negativity these days anymore.  We don’t keep record of wrongs.  We don’t bring up past mistakes.  We go forward and better ourselves. We forgive and honor each other.  We bring each other up together and to God.

“Making a kind first impression is a great way to impress the man you love, but when you continue the kindness long after you are married, you leave a lasting impression on him” (Schacht, 46). 

I agree with Darlene’s response in her book, Messy Beautiful Love.   Sometimes people change or don’t show their true colors right from the beginning, it does create negative impression.  I have changed for the better though.  I have been a kind person.  But many things would cloud the way I would respond to my husband in the past  so I have focused on the many good things of him daily and it keeps my kindness in check now. It has a lot to do with Spirit.

 “When Spirit is in control, we see the fruit of “love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, (and) goodness” (Gal.5:22).  But when the flesh is out of control,  we get angry, short-tempered, abrupt, and stressed out” (Schacht, 49).  

Note that flesh out of control is Satan talking.  We don’t want Satan.  We want Spirit.  It’s the angel. Satan is the devil.  He is evil.   Evil can include negativity.  He can cloud you more if you let it.  Do not do that.

Protecting your spouse can be done with speaking highly of them and covering them in prayer.   This is what I have done more lately for the past year and half.  It keeps my heart warm for him and God.  I have practiced being slow to anger and being quick to listen to him more.   This is doing right, rather than to be right.

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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