Death in the Family

This week has been a really difficult for me.  Nanie (dad’s mom) passed away Wednesday morning at 89.  She had battled with Alzheimer’s disease for a really long time.  She is a wonderfully amazing person. Lot of fun growing up with her. Hundreds of memories at the cottage, her house, Florida trips, Christmas, etc. Nanie did get to witness my wedding 8 years ago in 2006.   We are thankful though that Nanie is finally free of her incredible pain and suffering and reunited with her husband. Popie had been waiting for her since 2002.  I had a feeling prior to Nanie’s passing.  God had told me to go visit Nanie early Tuesday afternoon (lunch time) at her nursing home.  I had gone with my husband and our youngest son, Jackson.  It was really hard to see her in that current state. She was in bed, all covered with blankets,  facing away from me, muscle spasms, and not much color.  She pretty much didn’t look like herself.  I am grateful for the chance though to go see her. We knew her time was coming fast. The rest of the family  had gone to see her later that Tuesday night.  Her breathing had changed that night and changed even more early Wednesday morning.  Echo breathing and then just one gasp and went.  SO maybe that’s what Nanie needed….. for everybody  seeing her within the last 48 hours of her life.  Nanie  had a beautiful service & burial yesterday.

I received additional sudden bad news Wednesday night.  My Aunt Judy had a heart stroke and was in bad condition at the hospital.  She was put on life support for only 24 hours. We did have the chance to go see her once last time (after the evening visitation of my Nanie).  Like Nanie,  Aunt Judy was not her self.  Her face changed and no color.  Life support was only making her physical body movements.   She passed after 15 mins of being off life support  late Thursday night at 70.  Aunt Judy had also battled Alzheimer’s disease but not as severely advanced as my Nanie.  Aunt Judy was my godmother.  She was very dependent on Nanie and (Popie).  I do have memories of her taking me and my brothers and cousins to Western Fair as a child, spending time with her whenever I visited Nanie & Popie (She lived next door to them for a long time).  She was present for my first communion.  I remember helping her and her ex-husband fix up a hotel up North one summer.

I am absolutely grateful for my husband to take bereavement time off work to be with me. He has comforted me so much during this time.  I’ve also witnessed a spiritual change in my husband. In the past, my husband rarely showed his emotions on the outside and even inside a normal emotional reaction to things seems to be different from most.  My husband has been totally emotional.  My husband did not know Nanie and Aunt Judy well but is connected to them especially Nanie.   A true angel.   I

We got to go visit  Noah after Nanie’s burial.   My first son passing in stillbirth 2008 at 27 weeks in uetero.  I usually go myself most visits. Sometimes with my boys and or my husband.  This time,  not only I had my husband with me but my mom, dad, my aunts and cousin Joey as well.  So I was grateful for the extra comfort.  Noah is buried with my grandma (2006).   Not many people know this.  (I had a private service for him in 2008).

His thoughts have been centered on the importance of love and family.  With 2 deaths this week, my husband has also suggested that we start to plan ahead within the next 5 years so that our boys won’t have stress in preparations for us when our time comes and other life wishes.  I love him.  I grow more in love with him spiritually.  He is walking closer to the Lord.  That is an amazing transformation.


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