Love & IN LOVE with your spouse!

I am really thankful and loving of my husband so much these days.   There are so many things that he does that account for why I love him!   Recent things include surprising me with a date night for this coming Saturday to a basketball game (I have wanted to go to one for a while now) and arranged with his sister to watch our kids for that time. I can not wait!

  He did a plumbing fix with our main bathroom sink (it was backing up) yesterday.   He used his day off from work yesterday to be with me and our kids.  He plays trains with Jackson.  He spent time with us in carving our family pumpkin.  He let me sleep in yesterday.  And there is so much more that he does for me and for our family.   I am one lucky wife.  I love him so MUCH!  I am very blessed to have such an amazing man who is a romantic husband and truly a family man.

My husband also has been trying to pray more with me, and being more verbal daily in many ways of loving me.  I love that frame that we have our bedroom now that says I love you because… and we can write on it (on the glass with a dry erase marker) with the reason. The other day he wrote:  I love you because of your dedication to our relationship.   It totally warmed my heart.  I fall more and more in love with him every day and night!

We talked last night about how my husband wants to better himself with his appearance and with his sex drive.  I loved that he was willing to share his thoughts and wanted me to be involved. I love any opportunity to bring this man up.  To support him, to be there for him and more.  I want to be his help-meet, his cheerleader, his lover, his wife, his best friend and etc. 🙂

I want our marriage to keep growing stronger, deeper, passionate, beautiful, happy, loving.  Full of commitment,  grace, and more!  I continue to stay devoted to my husband!

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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