Men: Perverts and Non-Perverts.

Knowing that there are perverts out there,  I am thankful that my husband isn’t one.   He tames his heart, his mind and his body.   This one would be one of the reasons where I am actually thankful for his low sex drive.  While he occasionally will self pleasure himself to porn and could see other gorgeous women out in the world, he chooses to still respect and love me and connect!  My husband has opened himself more to me over the years  though when it comes to emotional, physical, and spiritual in our love making (and so have I too!)  Where it can be more pure/holy and amazing at the same time between us.   We do still have issues at times with his low sex drive at times  because it won’t always match up both emotionally and physically and we have retorted to medical help so that he can actually participate wholly to me. We want to be excited together.   I treasure that he has turned down women in the past because he is with me and cherish his virginity given to me.  I love just having my husband!

Even though my husband is truly amazing,  and I feel really lucky and truly am blessed to be married to him,  I have had my share of perverts in the past.  I do know that not all guys are.  I did have a couple exes, especially one who was very jealous and tried to pressure me in doing things that I didn’t feel comfortable with even though I had voiced it, and my last ex made me have sex with him after I had already been dating my husband (newly boyfriend at the time).     Other guys that I’ve been with physically, have respected me to a degree. 

I feel badly for one of my best girlfriends. She is still single and has a hard time dating.  She gets all the “wrong” guys.  Bad boys.  Usually with a lot of edge.  She wants nice guys but is okay with a tiny edge.   The guys that she sees all seem to want to just have sex with her or something like that.  She is very beautiful and has done some sexual things, but not necessarily gone all the way.  She wants to save that precious time for the right guy which I absolutely understand. It seems a lot of guys don’t want to really get to know her and respect her completely.  She is the opposite.  While she loves to flirt and all, her definition of “more” is actually getting to know them  and spending time with them with things, and see if they are dating material, when they all want to just get in her pants and not really value her for who she is. 

I pray that my bestie is able to look past guys (and guys look past her appearance too) and find someone really amazing and that will love her, value her, respect her, and more just like my husband does for me.   I actually want all women to love guys like my husband. I want more guys to be like my husband.  So that there is more love, respect and values in the world, and there would be more pure relationships and longer lasting marriages.    Both men and women should allow God and spirit lead their hearts to love.  A lot of  pressures are within the mind which Satan can come in  and fuel you in confusion…. LUST is not love.

God has made men and woman so that they could be unified together as one and is more pure when love is present.   My husband and I are a match made in heaven. We balance each other out.    Yes, even though we are crazy for each other and desire to connect through sex on a regular basis, we still can spend time with each other without leading it to sex.   We learn more about each other on a daily basis.  That will never stop happening.  I do wish I saved myself for my husband sexually but I don’t regret it.  I focus on the now.  I love being busy with my husband and loving him for all who he is daily.   God molds us individually and as a couple.

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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