You are JOY!

Last week or was it two weeks ago….no matter when… but  I felt jealous.  Why? I compared myself to someone else.  Someone close to me.  Not my husband, but one of my friends.  IT’s a bad thing.  

  My husband told me that  I am beautiful the way I am.   My life, and my body has changed so much for so long.   I am a mom, a wife, and me!   I do take care of myself more now than I did when I first started living with my husband, when I first married my husband, and when I became a mom.   There is no other ME.  I am my only version of me.  I change daily in growing for the better.  To be a better ME, a better mom, a better wife.    I find JOY in myself

Look where I have accomplished in life today.  I have never let my disability of being deaf at birth prevent me from reaching anything in what I want to do.   At 31, I dabble in photography,  a mom of 5 kids (3 living boys, 2 angel babies), a married wife to Isaiah, I stay home to care for the house, and my kids, and etc.  I have travelled a little bit since leaving my “growing up” home at 21.  I went to the DR at 23 and Jamaica at 30.  

My “shell” of myself continues to open daily.  I am constantly trying to do things outside of the box to see what I can do for myself and with my husband.  God can give you more than you realize in the things that you do inside and outside of the home daily.   I work on my marriage, motherhood, friendships with my girls, and more. I may not be 125 like I was at 18, but even just under 160, I still maintain what is ME.  My husband still desires me.  I still desire only and for my husband.    I do Zumba and want to do try to do more than just that to remain active all around and possibly lose weight. Just would take longer than normal.  I know my love handles probably won’t go away completely but that’s because I chose to create 5 babies with my husband and that is a gift and blessing in one! ❤  You can find joy in loving yourself and that’s ALL of it..both on the outside and inside!  


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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