Praying With Your Spouse

I prayed last night with my husband. But  I still have trouble. I get so nervous every time I ask him to pray with me and during the actual prayer.   I don’t know why.  He is open to doing it.  But I do the indicating and usually pray on the behalf of us.   So I guess I have trouble trusting.  I need to trust prayer and my husband. I do want to lift my husband up to God though.   He is a great husband and father. I am thankful that God had chosen him to be my other half for life and beyond.   I want both of us to grow closer spiritually to God and in our marriage.   We need to find the courage to pray more together, and do more Love Dare devotionals and other things.   I pray daily on my own.  I pray for our marriage, my husband and myself.   I would love to hear that my husband prayed for himself, me and our marriage too on a daily basis.   I think it would do so many amazing transformations for us.  But I can’t change that for him. He needs to find it in his heart on his own to make that change in his life.  I need to let go of this control.  I do love that I want to pray and do this with my husband. I need to find more joy and trust and love in this area.  I love being married to my husband and we both grow in grace every day.  Prayer is a GOOD thing to do, both in good and bad times… no matter where you are in life.  God is there to listen.  He does it with unconditional love and is there for you no matter what.  He does deliver, in his own time, just may not be in the form that you want it to be.  I am to love my husband as I love God.


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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