Amazing Julie

I can be Amazing Julie sometimes.  I know that I am not perfect.  We all are not.   I am a mother, a wife, lover, friend, daughter, etc.  

I have days where I am insecure and tear myself down.  That is darkness. I get grumpy and want to flip the bird but no.  I can’t blame on anyone but myself.  I have to bite my lip.   I don’t like it. The only thing I can do is surrender myself to God.  He is bigger than I.  He has unconditional love and support.  He is here for me, no matter what I do.  I release my negativity to him of anything and ask for Him in prayer to grant me grace and joy and respect so I can be strong and climb up the mountain.  I want to build myself up and bring peace to myself and to everyone else in my life.  I want to be an encouraging person. I want to be loving all the time.   There are days where I choose to try to be loving when I don’t feel loving.    Every day is a new day.  Can’t go backwards.  We are to press on with deep desire, no matter what.  I want to be fulfilled with inspiration to grow more godly.    Let the Lord guide me in my transformation.  Keep standing guard with my love and devotion for my husband and children.  They are a dream that is reality. I want to keep holding hands and walking with them in life.

I want to bring kindness, gentleness and positivity  to myself, and to all those who are in my life especially to my husband and our children.  I want to submit strength to our family, and to our marriage.   Everyday as per my last post of affection…. everyone should be wrapped in love.   It should include happiness and warmth.   The more happier I am, the more I can spread that with everyone else… especially to my husband.    We need to keep letting each other in what’s going on daily… with our hearts, with our minds and body.  In all aspects… physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.   Being in sync always helps with open honesty.  I take pleasure in serving my home…. my home is my family.   My husband and my kids.  I am to glorify it every day through the Lord.   We are to have a reason to smile each and every day of our lives, especially with our marriage.  A good attitude can lift the marital and family home in love and joy.  It fuels it up more than we realize.   Need to keep building in appreciation.   We are to submit  100% all times.  No such thing as 50, 50.  That doesn’t help much.  Need to continue with “I do” to the fullest, more than you can receive. To love, honor and respect.   My amazing good flame in myself is to spread to my husband and my kids.

 I can only be Amazing Julie when I am fulfilled with joy, happiness, love, respect,  kindness, and more.  I am to be a godly mother and wife.   I am to lift my husband and children up with grace, respect and love.  Unconditionally.  They are my home.  My life.  My joy.  My beauty.  My fire.  My inspiration.  They lead me to the light.  Keep crawling to the sun.   I want to radiate warmth.  I want to be crazy to a degree, meaning in a respectful way.  I am addicted to my husband and kids.  They are the center of me along with God.  


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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