Affectionate Family

That is US.  We are an affectionate family.   I am affectionate with my husband and with my three boys.     I love giving hugs and kisses and saying I LOVE YOU.

Of course affection varies with my husband and my kids.   But it is there.  We wrap our home in love.    I love my boys sitting next to me.   Logan and Austin are at school during the week days now so I generally get MORE affection from Jackson.  But  Austin will sit next to me when he’s tired.  He definitely hangs out and hugs Logan a lot when they are together at home.   Because they are a year and a day apart, so they are extremely close.  They hang out, play, and fight together a lot.   They do show affection with Jackson too though.    Jackson smiles and laughs with them.     Jackson loves being on Daddy and giving him bear hugs.  I get my own affection with Jackson.   For the longest time, he didn’t STTN regularly until close to a year so I got a lot of overnight snuggles while feeding.   So J can be both Mommy and Daddy’s boy when he wants to be.  I love making J laugh and more.  J is very ticklish and he has the sweetest smile.  Very infectious.  He is a generally a happy boy.  He has a mix of himself, Logan and Austin in  him with various personality traits and facial traits.

I love physical touch.  No wonder I am all for PDA but, I definitely do more deeper affections with my husband in private…. I do drive him crazy though because I can touch him and just want more LOL.

Anyway,  I love that our family is full of love. There isn’t a day that goes by without hugs, kisses and saying I LOVE YOU.   We can be firm with our boys but it usually is tried with love because we won’t allow them to walk all over us.  But we love them and raise them the best they can be.  To be the person that they can thrive to be 🙂  That to treasure what God has given them (and US) and to honor and respect and share that  to a godly degree 🙂  


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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