Embracing Oneness in Marriage

Marriage requires not one but two people to tango. It’s not a one way street. Requires commitment, love and so much more on both ends.   We both have to work at the unity of our marriage daily and maintaining it. Servicing each other before ourselves. Togetherness helps get through the hard and challenging times too. We are to dwell in love and God.  We have to fight for our marriage together, not alone. Especially when it gets difficult.  Communicating, praying, and etc. helps a lot together. We are to humble, apologize, forgive and give grace daily.   God helps us to do that.  Pray and ask for that.  To surrender yourself to Him and He will guide, protect and deliver.

Oneness has intimacy, trust and understanding one another in marriage.  I stress that so much.  There is more unity when all that is there and done in love daily in the marriage. US matters more than ME. You fight for the US, so that the US is there years later… you still have your best friend, your spouse, lover, etc.   Being married is a gift from God. Precious and worthy. I saw my husband for who he was, I saw that he was a good, good man, and I knew that he was the person that I wanted to be by his side forever. When I pictured the life I wanted to have, I knew my husband was the one I wanted to create a life with.  I’m so glad I married him when I did.   My husband is my gold.   Such a true gem.   There aren’t a lot of great fishes in the sea so to speak so I am really thankful that I only dated for a short time in my teens.  God had taken me to take interest in Isaiah at the time and grew to love him as I got to know him more.  He is amazing as a husband and father.  I can’t picture myself being with anyone else but him.   I am blessed to be his wife.   I give myself up to him daily.  ALL of me.  Emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  So that I can serve life with him.  And center God in us as a husband and wife.   I choose to wake up every day to love him and give him grace.  For him to be blessed to have me as his wife, lover, best friend, soul mate.  

Our unity in marriage is also amazing through sex.  Because we are at the most vulnerable.  We let go.  We give our heart, our mind and body to each other.  Trust to experience oneness together heavenly.   It can bring beauty to love and marriage.    When there is beautiful open unity in marital intercourse, it can help bring good focus on other areas in the marriage.   I love to be able to be around my husband at all times in our marriage on a daily basis.   When there is kindness, respect, trust, communication, intimacy, protection, and faithfulness,  then we can grow and thrive more deeply and stronger together as a husband and wife in our relationship and marriage.

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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