Marriage Fun :)

This past weekend was amazingly fun with my husband!  I so loved all of it!!!

 Friday night,  we danced under the stars in our backyard for three songs.  Including our wedding song.  It was romantic.  We had fun.   We definitely need to dance more as I know we are a little out of sync with that haha… but it definitely was another way to be intimate in love.  We definitely would love to do dance classes/lessons, but it may have to wait until J starts school or something like that. 

Saturday was basically our date day/night.   We found fun at the Halloween store with trying on a bunch of various wigs in style and color.   We got to be goofy.  Bringing smiles within each other.  We also got to go out to dinner at Montana’s and I asked a few more conversational questions, in getting to know each other more.  You never stop learning about your best friend 🙂 

Finally Sunday…. something that has been waiting since we signed up back in April… The 5K run.  We aren’t any runners by any means as per my last blog.  But it was a lot of fun.  Something else different for us to experience together.  We don’t usually wake up early together unless it was something special for the kids or a holiday or something else planned.  

We walked to the event together.  We took pictures. We would hold hands at each checkpoint and finished together at the 5K run.   He kept supporting me as like let’s run some more and he would wait for me to catch up and all.  Complimenting together as doing good and proud of you. We also walked home together from the event.  IT was a beautiful day.   IT was a new high in our marriage.  

This made us want to do more things like that together and looking forward to doing Mudder together next August in Toronto even though it’ll be much more intense and difficult. And wanting to be more active together with workouts, Zumba and regular runs when possible.   I know there are more things that we could do together randomly but it’s a lot harder when you have children in your life and can’t always take off at a moments notice.   But we are working at trying to incorporate things like that when we do have scheduled time alone as date night/weekend to bring more memories and fun into our marriage.   We are so much happier these days together.  We bring more laughter, love and fun within each other.   🙂 


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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