My bucket list LOL :)

Well we did it.  My husband and I did our first 5K with the Color Run this morning.  Now, we aren’t really much of a runner ourselves.  So we did walk a lot, but we also sprinted when we could too.   It also didn’t help that I was still sick.  I probably could have managed to run more if I wasn’t so sniffed up or my throat/cough.   But I didn’t want to risk puking so  I just ran how I felt I could do without doing that.  It took us about a good hour. We had a lot of fun though.  We got to be together.  Support each other, and all that good jazz.  It was very different. Totally out of the box for us to do individually and as a couple.   We definitely would do it again together next year, and we’ll be able to hopefully do more running next time 🙂  We also walked from home to the event and after the event to subway on the way home.  The 5K was around the Western Fairgrounds.

I know doing Mudder next August would be more intense but also fun too because it’s also once again a couple thing with Isaiah and out of the box. We will have friends with us though for that one so more support.   I know I definitely will skip a couple obstacle course at Mudder because of my implant. Can’t do the electrical ones.  But everything else, I should possibly be able to do.

I am so interested in doing the illuminate London next year.  Which is basically a night time run/walk/dance thing.  It would be SO FUN!!!!   You glow in the dark 😀  It happened earlier in June this year but I missed it so I imagine, they will be back around that time again for 2015.  I would LOVE to do this with Isaiah and friends if they are willing 😉

I also possibly want to do the Drop Zone in London next year.   You raise money for Easter Seals at the same time.  My former co-worker from the office did it last year… You basically drop/jump from the tallest building in London. One London Place. 26 stories.  I would love to do it with my dad…. it would be awesome!

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