Yes to Sexual Marriage


I want to be a Yes! wife but I also want my husband to be a YES! husband too.   I don’t want us to reject each other at all, no matter what the reasoning may be.    While it’s not to be the center of marriage, but it is still important. It helps to reaffirm that things are still good and that they still want each other.   You should never be too busy or too tired to spend time together as a couple in all aspects including sexual intimacy.   It’s part of being loving spouse,  even when you don’t feel loving or tired or busy.  All aspects of marriage needs work and sex needs to also maintain the flame too.  You should be able to also bask in love for each other in this special way.   God had intended for a man not to be alone and to share that life with a  special woman.  God had designated us to be together as one.  To live one life together.  To balance out each other.  To be there in good and bad times.

Three things where sex can be good for marriage:

  • Sex is one way of celebrating and embracing commitment especially in marriage. You submit to your spouse in bed therefore submitting to them outside of the bedroom is also thrived as well. It protects faithfulness in the marriage and within each other.
  • Sex enhances intimacy. It’s one of the deepest and very personal way to connect to each other physically and also emotionally.   Sex isn’t the centre of the marriage, but it is an important area to stay satisfied. Neglecting or being rejected from such a beautiful gift to share together isn’t a great feeling.   Sex helps to open your heart to give all your love unconditionally to them in so many ways in this intimacy. It can help create stronger intimacy in dealing with each other outside of the bedroom to solve conflicts, and to move forward together in this marital journey.
  • Sex is one way of serving your spouse.   If you serve your spouse in the bedroom, then you are able to also serve them outside of the bedroom with many other things.

 Sex is always about making love in a marriage. It’s to be celebrated, shared and embraced together.  It’s a beautiful time to bask in together.  It’s so much more than the deed itself.  You serve/submit to your spouse wholly.   You share your body, your heart, your life and mind to them.  It’s a amazing action that is wrapped up in three ways: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.    Marriage is a beautiful thing inside and out, and so is sex.  

I want to be able to rejoice this with my husband. It is one way to reconnect.  I know many things can derail or affect moods, but you should be able to not get enough of your spouse in all areas.   I love my husband for all he is, and more. I want to celebrate him with me in all aspects.   I enjoy having sex with my husband.  Sex is a easy way to affirm it.  It isn’t so much of my need or want in regards to my sex drive. If anything,  I am more tamed these days.  If my husband so much rejects me, I leave it at that, but feel crushed at the same time.   I try to learn to bite my lip.  I want our love making to be a beautiful positive virtue, not a negative thing.   I struggle this so much.   To feel wanted,  beautiful and respected as a woman, wife and mother.  I pray over this area a lot, for me and for my husband to the Lord.   I pray for to have patience for myself.   For my husband to have an open heart to share this intimacy with me at all times (and for me too).  My husband does a lot of the indication these days because as I have previously mentioned in other posts, that I get rejected if I indicate and feel unfair when that happens because I should able to indicate with success when I want to.  I don’t want to feel alone.  I want to pour out JOY and LOVE into my husband during this special time, as I do with many other ways to affirm him.  He is so beautiful inside and out.  Such an amazing husband and father.  I am CRAZY for him.  I am lucky to be married to him because he has accepted me for who I am  with faults included as I have done the same to him too.  For us to be fully faithful, honorable, trustworthy, respectable and servable in love together as husband and wife, as lovers and as best friends and of course as parents in our relationship and marriage.


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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