Date Night

We had our date night.  It was amazingly fun.  It is so stressed that you don’t stop dating your spouse, once you are married.  It’s essential for us to have US time, outside of the home, especially since we are parents.  Kids, work and other things take up so much time and energy out of us, but I still stress that we go out and spend time together alone.

We don’t get dress up very often as we aren’t  formal couple all the time.   So whenever we have date night, I like US to dress up.  Step out of our normal daily clothing: home/work outfits.  I really liked being contemporary and sexy last night.  Teal dress with some black mesh that still showed off a some cleavage.  My husband was in a purple dress shirt with beige dress pants.

We went to a restaurant that we went to before, back in March. The Keg. We had a gift card so that’s partially why we went there again this time and we loved the food the first time around.   Dinner was yummy as usual.

I did something a little different during our dinner.  You don’t stop learning about your spouse.  So one way to do this was to ask conversational questions that aren’t usually asked on a daily basis.  So it was really good. I got to know my husband more and so did he about me.  I fell more in love too.   I am definitely doing that more often.  🙂

After dinner, we went bowling.  It’s something that we’ve done throughout our relationship. We were even in a league in our early dating days.   We don’t bowl as much we used to in the beginning as we are parents and other things get in the way.  But it was a lot of fun last night. We did three games. I won the first time and he beat me the other two games.

I’ve wanting to indicate more couple prayers together.  So it happened last night in the car after bowling on the way to the book store.   He actually did the prayer this time. It was sweetly said. I was so proud of him.   Made me fall in love with him even more too.  

At the book store, we got this book, Love Dare.   We haven’t started it yet. I hope to do that tonight with my husband.  We actually learned about this book through the movie, “Fireproof” a while back and I think it would really help us connect with more intimacy within each other in all areas of our marriage and to God too.  We are wanting to do more things together, new things to stay connected and serve each other.

Upon leaving the bookstore, my feet were sore and I was going to stop to sit to get my shoes off (new shoes!) and my husband instead picked me up and carried me to the car. It was so sweet!!!

I love being married to my husband. I love how much stronger we have been lately and loving that we are continuously loving to be together  and serve to each other in love 🙂  He is amazing. 


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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