Radical Couple Change :)

Change is one thing that continuously happens when you are involved with someone for the long haul, for a life time.  Anything can impact change.   It make people better or worse.   There are always different situations that changes things.

We have changed a lot since we started dating in 2001.  We both aren’t the same person that we were at the beginning, or when we got married, and so on.

We have gone through a lot together.  SO many  crazy things have happened to US in the last 13.5 years together.   You don’t stop learning about the person that you are with.   There is always something new as life travels by. 

Change happens physically, emotionally, spiritually.   It’s even better when it’s changed TOGETHER.  You embrace the person that they are TODAY.

We have gone through all of our 20’s together.  We surely have matured so much more now that we are both respectively 31. 

Many blessings and many hurdles have happened to us individually and as a couple.  We’ve been through deaths in the family,  family drama,  our triumphs and losses with creating our own family,  life in living together before we were married, money,  job situations, job changes,  individual personal challenges, sex, infidelity,   parenthood, friends, and etc. 

I love my husband for all who he is as a man, as a husband and as a father.  He has matured and changed a lot over the course of our relationship, friendship and marriage.   He is my best friend.   There isn’t anyone in the world that I would trade him for.   He became a Catholic before we were married.  I know he definitely wants to change more, and grow closer to the Lord. Have a better relationship with God and me. 

I have been a Catholic all of my life.   I grew up going to Church on Sundays with my family but I didn’t really get into the sermons and disliked religion so much academically at the elementary and high school level.  We were married in a Catholic Church, in the eyes of the Lord in 2006.   I know I have been changing myself as a mother, wife, friend and etc.  Trying to have a better relationship with the Lord as well.  Invest me in Him more through prayer as I go through life with my husband and my kids.  I am learning to protect, embrace and honor love and grace through the Lord and invest in that in my husband.  I feel that the Lord has guided our hearts and love to focus so much on our marriage, kids and God. 

Our kids are Catholic as well.   Austin and Logan are in a Catholic school, and hope that they grow more into the Lord as a child and of course with Jackson as well.  I know that Noah and SM are their guardian angels.  We are horrible for attending Church though.  We have only gone a handful of times at Christmas and weddings.   We need to get more regular as a couple and as a family.

I embrace change with all of us.  For the better.  SO that we can embrace life, love, friendship, family and marriage together.   I see that so much of change has happened so much for the last 13.5 years, and especially within the past year and half. It is amazing how much devotion and love can do to us as a couple!  I love loving my husband and embrace that I get to walk in hand with him and be on his side for the rest of eternity.  Life together is so special and precious.  God had given us so that we could celebrate each other and our marriage together and grow together as a couple.  He keeps us accountable for all that we do in life together and individually. Guiding and showing us how to love, honor, respect, in all of the days of our life, in good and bad times.  




About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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