Embracing Fall

Labor Day is just around the corner.  Just a few shy days away.   Usually, even though Fall doesn’t officially start until later in September. Most people decide that once Labor Day is here.  It’s the end of SUMMER.   Back to work/back to school for the majority of the world.  Daylight twinkle down earlier, and cooler weather arrives.

Summer is and always has been my favorite season of all time.  But now, I’m starting to grow a love for fall as my second choice.  Beautiful colorful leaves of red, yellow, orange and brown.  My older two boys, Logan and Austin start school Tuesday.  Logan started JK last year and did so awesome.  He resumes his schooling career now in SK.  Austin starts this year for the first time in JK. I’m really excited.  The two of them at the same school together, and hopefully they will be in separate classes.   They both are really ready for it.  Physically and emotionally. I’m really looking forward to embracing more daily solo time with Jackson  in the mornings and then having my alone time when J naps in the afternoon and/or spending time with my husband depending on his shift work.   My husband also has scheduled his week off for the 2nd week of September, and October and 1st week of December.   Really embracing that time!!!!

Also as mentioned in my last blog, I’ve been embracing photography more personally and practicing on more subjects within local friends and family.  Fall is a beautiful time because of the colors changing and creates a gorgeous backdrop along with cute cooler clothing/shoes.  So I’m really excited to be shooting this time around.      Next year, I  plan to schedule OUR family shoot in the fall. I think it would be SO FUN!  The beach shoot earlier this month went so well for our family so I really want to try a fall one next year with the same photographer that we used for the beach one.   All three boys would even behave so much more and more personality would show naturally amazing as well.  Huge bonus.


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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