Practicing Photography

So I am doing more what I love… Photography.  Just practicing right now.    Eventually, I’ll officially dabble into it, and start a small business doing that.  I still have to get LOTS of stuff to get me started.  I just have a nice camera right now.

The other night, I photographed  a friend of mine and her family. It was kind of like a last minute decision   It was a cloudy evening, and it was going to rain after.  So I did the best I could, and I was trying to do most of it in manual and it’s so hard to get every picture in focus really well.  The evening lighting isn’t always great for it. So  But it’s a learning process. I WILL get better every time. 

I do have more friends photo shoots coming up. One on Labor Day weekend, with another friend of mine and her beautiful family. It’ll be in the afternoon, so it should be a lot better, and hopefully, it’ll be nice and SUNNY too.  Make the session all the more merrier.    I’ll have another one sometime in September for a fall shoot for another friend’s family.

I’m also excited to do an engagement shoot for my soon to be SIL and her fiancé really soon.  Just waiting for the trees to change into beautiful colors and fall weather.  So likely September as well.  We’ll have so much fun for it and no matter what, it’ll be in the day time with some sun!  🙂

I may ask for some props and stuff for Christmas, maybe.  Depends what I can find 🙂  I wouldn’t mind having like a indoor prop incase the weather isn’t great, then it could be my back up for it.  I do prefer natural lighting and outdoor lifestyle shoot.  Nature is always a great background!  🙂

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