Marital Thoughts

Marital thoughts are thoughts in my mind, soul and heart today.  I learn more about my marriage daily.  It thrives more as I put my all into it, and putting my husband and God first. 

 Love in marriage is to GIVE.   Giving it daily to your spouse is important.   This is what helps one be a good lover.  You can allow God to help embrace it and aide in you to giving it to your spouse.   I believe that saying I do isn’t just on your wedding day.       It’s a choice you make every day.     That you serve that role on a daily basis. It is an ongoing journey. Putting your spouse first is important. To the marriage and to your life. It helps keep the fire going. Love is a journey to learning to relate to be together and to each other over lifetime. That is why friendship is also important in the marriage as well. Serving your spouse should be filled with joy.       It’s so much better than coldness or resentment or selfishness.  Spending time with God and allowing Him in our lives allows joy to be taken place in serving the other. This happens amazingly when the two spouses are respecting and loving each other and relying on the power of God in their lives. Marriage requires that we submit to our spouse with love and honor and embrace them fully with everything of themselves and everything that they do. It is keep loving them, even when you have moments or times that you feel unloving for whatever reason. 

I want to be and continue to be a GODLY wife to my husband.   I have known Isaiah since July 2000.  I allowed a friendship to evolve then between us, and let it bloom to a beautiful romantic relationship in 2001.  God destined us to be together, and we united as one five years later officially in 2006.  So we’ve been married for 8 years and together in love for 13 as of 2014.  We continue to bloom and thrive together as a couple and as individually all the time.   I strive to love and honor and respect my husband every single day.   There will always be some struggle for whatever it is occasionally, but  I have been learning to let it go, forgive, and lift that up to God (as he can handle more than I can), to guide me through it and strike joy in me and sharing ALL of me to my husband for eternity in all aspects of our life, love, friendship and marriage together.  Love is so beautiful and so precious and is truly is a gift.  So is marriage.  I choose to give ME to Isaiah every day in every moment.  To be HIS.  I love giving all of ME to him on a daily basis.  I love and cherish that I am HIS wife.   I love that it is HIM that I am loving and in LOVE with.  It’s a beautiful blessing.   I end this post with this encouraging quote by Henry Ford:  “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”



About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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