Fifty Shades of Grey

I first learned of FSOG through my march mamas group on FB back in 2012.  It is a popular book worldwide.  It is a provocative  romance book that entails a lot of BDSM sex and romance and etc.  FSOG is told in a trilogy set.   Christian Grey is a young handsome millionaire guy who has a dark past and thrives on BDSM relationship (dominant-submissive).  Anastasia Steele (university student) originally meets up through interviewing him (on behalf of her roommate and BFF and editor) for the university newspaper. She falls smitten toward him unknowingly of his dark past and his mixed personality.  She does eventually enter the BDSM relationship with him and finds that she is wanting more like romance in the mix.   Christian over the course of the trilogy does fall in love with her, and marry her and have a family with her, and still occasionally participate in the “playroom” where BDSM takes place. 

I watched the movie Secretary (2002) on the weekend with people saying that this movie was better than FSOG.    Total bullshit.  If anything, it was spanking which is nothing and being chained up to do secretarial work.  It didn’t really reel me in.  Bah.

  I have belief that Fifty Shades of Grey will totally top Secretary when it is out in February 2015. It will contain more BDSM and more intense romance.  I’m also told that the movie will have an unrated version  (more rated scenes that would be too mature for theatre audience) as well when released on home video later on in 2015.  I can’t wait!

Don’t judge the book by its cover or trailer for that matter when it comes to FSOG.  My husband thinks that the movie (and possibility the book even though he’s never read it) is stupid. He is although willing out of love to see the movie with me. I love him for that though.    I have yet to read some scenes from the book version of FSOG to him, but I plan to soon.   I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised when FSOG movie is out in theaters and it’s much more than what fans and non-fans expected. 

Of course, if I for whatever reason I am wrong, then I apologize in advance. But there is a reason I don’t go to theatre screenings very often anymore.   I now choose movies that are worth seeing that would bring excitement and worth the money.     2014 doesn’t have that stock for me much at least in theatres.   2015 will with FSOG and three other movies that I have interest in seeing  on the big screen.  All the other movies, I patiently wait for it to be released on home video.  Either, I will rent it on demand/video store or buy it and make my judgment.



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