Bra Love!


So I normally wear bras from La Senza, but now I love VS’ bras. My boobs grew during pregnancy and went down after I lose weight, enough to change a cup size.  I went from like 38 C to 38DD from Noah to Austin.  That’s a lot of cleavage change.  Now after Austin, it kind of stayed like that but a little down  to a 36 DD and then went back to 38 DD when I conceived Jackson.  Now it’s been over a year since J’s arrival and I’ve lost quite bit of weight since his pregnancy and so I am back to 36DD again.  

My first VS bra was a strapless bombshell one that I bought after having Austin (a year after maybe) and it is awesome.  I have so much good support and it makes me stand out more LOL 🙂  So now I am with that size again and decided to purchase another bra last Saturday, but in a classical way, not strapless.    It gives me full coverage but really good support and still stand out and it’s really comfortable.  I love it. I bought another one in a different color a couple days later.  I think it is crazy that I’m still DD, but I do have a little more options in that size of 36 than 38.  I probably will eventually get another strapless one from them soon and probably more sexy bras lol 😀

Another bra type that I’ve started to like from VS is their sports line.   I got the knockout one (like a classical bra but meant for sports) in March and it’s great. Then a few days ago, I got the Standout which is more sporty like and I think this one gives me more sexier look and sportier.  There is one more that is called Incredible and I want to get it 🙂  It helps me get that support while working out with Zumba and I am running in September for the Color Run.  🙂



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