Keep Calm & Love Summer

It’s been busy here since L finished school at the end of June.  June 27 to be exact.   I originally thought that it would be insane having all three monkeys home since L is done school until September.  But it hasn’t been too bad.  My husband had a four day weekend from that Friday to Monday (the 30th).  So I loved my husband home during this time.  Especially on my birthday (the Monday).  Lots of family time.  I got some shopping time too.   Friday & Sat, I got to see my friends.  My bff and a friend of mine.    Our older boys have spent the past week doing swimming lessons in the morning and J has actually been a great spectator with me.     We did have one play date on Thursday which was great.

I loved this past weekend.   Actual alone time with my husband for almost two days.   Got to sleep in twice (Sat & Sun).   Beach time.  So I got tanned more.  Love it.  Got to finally rock my yellow dress for our dinner date night. Tried out a new place. The Church Key.  So fantastic, the food.  Portion is great.  Watched a movie.   Sunday was some shopping time.  Relaxed with my family in the evening after we got our boys home.

This week will not to be too bad either.  Our older  boys will be finishing up their morning swimming lessons.  I get to go out to a function tomorrow night.   The boys see their aunt/godmother that night and Wednesday.   Social time for me.  Hopefully a play date later in the week.

I am so looking forward to family time and lots of it next week.  We finally will get to go on our family vacation. The last actual one was taken in June 2012. So it’s been two years.   Last year didn’t pan out because of J’s arrival (May 2013) and being such a new baby was too much to go away too soon (for him and for me).  So this year with J being a toddler and active, it’ll be more exciting and fun for the whole family.   I’m hoping we’ll have some beach time, pool time, relaxing, and other fun activities to take place during that one week.  I’ve been craving this “shut down” time since my husband’s return to work from his pat. leave (May).  It’ll be so wonderful having him  “home” with us for a whole week. I know that we’ll look forward to more of his holidays in the fall (there are three more “week” vacations coming!).  But until then, we will embrace this shutdown vacation ❤

More to look forward for the rest of the summer after our family vacations:  I think I may be nutso a little bit when I have more than three kids in my house (babysitting a friend’s daughter for three days for two weeks), but I’ve survived being a mom to three all this time and what’s one more? Right?  So I can do it.  I have to.  I think it’ll make me stronger at the end of it all 🙂

August will bring more summer bliss with family reunions and parties and  hopefully a couple more date nights.   A will have some speech therapy.

So here’s to me keeping calm and love summer more and more!  Enjoy July! ❤

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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