Embracing Motherhood and being SAHM

I love embracing my season in life which is motherhood especially with being a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) to that title.   I remember working at my old job of being a real estate assistant and dreaming about being home with my babies.   I was also baking Logan and couldn’t wait to be home on maternity leave.     I loved work, but it wasn’t my true passion.  Being home raising my babies was more up my alley.   So I knew my maternity leave wasn’t just temporary.  I would “officially” be SAHM once the leave ended.  I chose not to go back to my old job and being pregnant with Austin while on leave sort of added to that loving choice 🙂

Sure, I have challenges with being a mom and SAHM, just like any other moms out there.  I do have additional with my impairment.  Special baby monitors for when they are newborns up to when they are able to vocalize well with talking, more than crying.

I focused so much on caring for my babies that housework and not really keeping up with it took a backburner a lot.  Housework being super clean isn’t my strength.   I’m not perfect at all.   But I now do tackle more things daily.  Not everything gets done, but the necessities do.   Just like marriage:  happy life: happy marriage.    This also applies to here.   Happy babies: Happy home. 

I love watching my babies grow.   It’s so amazing all the time.   It’s so neat to see their personalities and how they interact with everything in their lives.   There is always something new unfolding all the time.

I am always learning all the time, just like with everything else.  Life is always a teacher.   There’s a teacher in everything and everybody.  My kids teach me new things all the time.  I see a teacher in me, my husband and God as well.   Not every tool works for each kid.  You go with whatever works for each of them.  As all three living boys are so different (and even my heavenly angels are).  It’s a lifetime!

I embrace (and try to daily) with all the good things that my kids do.   Logan is loving school and he has grown so much from September when he started and he’s just almost done his first year in JK.     I can’t wait to see what it is in store for Austin when he starts in the fall as well.   Austin has come a long way. He has talked more and understanding more things together.  Like tonight when he told my mom (while I was away getting Logan from school).  Austin was like Grandma, I’m working (with weeding) and making money.   He was able to grasp with work and money.  I am always telling them that their dad goes to work to make money all the time so that mommy can continue to stay home with them and etc.   I love seeing Jackson being such a happy little toddler and his adorable teeth smiles!

Embracing each moment and defining them.  I love it all daily.  It helps me to be a better mom, and even better wife, and so much more.  Living to the fullest.  Embrace more of our family and shape it more amazing all the time.   I teach my boys to be the best they can be.   To believe that they can do anything they want in life.  Knowing what’s right and wrong in life and what is best for them and our family lifestyle.

I don’t think I am a supermom. There are many more moms out there that do it more than I do on a daily basis.  Even with working moms.  But  I am me.  I can better myself every day.  Invest my faith and devotion through God and my family.   Continue to make our home a happy and loving one, full of life.

Memories are amazing.  Time goes so fast.  I’ve embraced so much of the past few years being a mom.  From the time they were conceived to present day and beyond.   Being there for them in all good and bad times and helping them grow into the person they can be.   Our home always full of love.  Affectionate home.  I show there is love with  saying I love you, hugs, and kisses and even embrace love with my husband/their daddy as well.  Unconditional love is the key to my kids and my husband.  Love being the best I can be.

I love being home with them, even on crazy and busy days.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without my kids, all five of them. They have helped me shape more of me.   I grow more all the time, right alongside them and my husband.  Motherhood is such an amazing blessing. a gift from God.  SAHM is an amazing blessing also. I’m so thankful that my husband was able to provide me this chance.  I praise him for making this possible, working outside of the home with long hours assembling cars.   Love him. 


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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