God & Prayer

God wants us to embrace life and him in his glory.   Prayer is a powerful tool to communicate our desires and struggles.  I have done prayer for as long as I can remember. I was raised Roman catholic and spent my years growing up going to Church and catholic elementary school and high school.  

Praying is the most natural thing to do on a daily basis.  You can direct your requests to your loved ones that have crossed over as well, not just to God.  You always have to believe regardless that He will deliver or answer your prayer.  It just may not be right away or in a specific way you want it to come to you.  Thank him  for all the blessings in your life in your prayer. I have prayed for friends and family, my own family, work, etc.

 I find it is the most powerful when it comes to my own family and my marriage.   My firstborn son, Noah who lived 27 weeks in me before gaining his own angel wings to be with God.   I always wanted to expand my family and believed that I could.  I would send up my desires to bless us with more children with God and Noah and Sea Monkey.  Then during my subsequent pregnancies,  I would desire for strength,  healing, good health, etc for me and my babies.  I would believe that Noah would watch over his siblings during their baking time in my belly,  guide me and bless me with sanity during their labor and delivery (the best one ever experienced was with Jackson!),  and continue to keep my kids safe and sound and happy as they grow up with us on a daily basis.  I’ve thanked God in blessing me to experience motherhood with all five kids. I watch in joy with my kids.   I hold Noah and Sea Monkey close to my heart, and believe they are alive in spirit through their siblings on a daily basis.   I do have my  hard moments, so I try to have God and my angels to guide me through it on a daily basis.

I have been praying for our marriage more than ever for the past year.  I feel it’s been answered in powerful ways.  It is working.  I believe it has helped us to restore many things in our relationship and marriage and friendship.  It has helped gain deeper love, happiness, romance, friendship and etc.  It’s helped us maintain open communication, honesty and trust in each other.  We’re continuously working on being more slow to anger, and being more appreciative to each other in all things.  All aspects of our marriage, relationship and friendship has been amazing.  I praise and bless my husband every day in prayer, and request to guide him to continue to be a godly husband, father, lover,  best friend and soul mate daily.  We are together in one flesh.  God has united us to be together for eternity.  Together, we invest our all to each other and to God to keep us stronger with full of happiness and love. ❤

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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