My Marriage :)

Hi Everyone! 

I was once a blogger, but stopped in 2012.   I am back.  Need to fuel my writing desires once again.    I love my life.  I am happily married to my husband.  We met in July 2000 through mutual friends, and started officially dating May 2001.  Fast forward three years later,  engaged in 2004.   Married in 2006.   Now,  it’s been 13 years in love.  Married for 8.   We have three handsome boys that we love and cherish to death.  We also are parents to two angel babies.  Noah who was stillborn in 2008.  Sea Monkey who was miscarried in January 2012.   We are also fur parents to Sparky (2008),  Sherlock & Husky (2005).  I am a stay home mom.  My husband is a car assembler for Toyota. 

I desire to write about my marriage.  We have been through many highs and lows.  We continue to work through it. It is a working progress.   It is definitely more deeper and more amazing than it was when we first tied the knot in 2006.   We continue to grow as individuals and as a couple.  Communication and honesty is so key.  Being loving and positive. These are hard, but it can be done if you strive to do that daily.  We’ll still have some troublesome days.  Continuing to love and fall in love unconditionally every day.  Respecting and understanding each other.  The fuel to excite each other every day emotionally, physically, and spiritually.   Making sure that all aspects of our relationship is openly connected.  Embracing each other in all aspects of things especially with being a spouse, parent, lover, and  best friend.  Happy marriage=happy life.   We continue to try and explore new things as a couple and as individually.  It is hard when you have three young children and can’t always do random day dates or date nights as a couple.

We recently travelled to Jamaica in January.  It was incredible to have a full week alone together since our honeymoon in the DR which was in 2006.  So almost 8 years in the making.   We loved every moment that we had together in Jamaica.  Savored it to the fullest.  It was an truly amazing week.  It was a bonus experience to reconnect as a couple.   We vow to travel more alone together, but we understand that it won’t be possible every year… it may be only be every few  years as long it’s not another 8 years.  It is hard to save for a vacation together when you have children in your lives.  We had chosen to sacrifice traveling over having kids.  We always had the desire to have a family early on in our marriage.  We started to TTC in 2007 and finally closed the TTC chapter officially as of last August 2013 with my husband’s vasectomy following our youngest son’s arrival (May 2013).   

I have always prayed for our family (especially for my kids since they were conceived) and my husband. I just didn’t lift up our relationship and my husband often enough like on a daily basis throughout our marriage.  It was more like there and there.  I have changed that. I now lift my husband, me, our marriage, our relationship and friendship in prayer to God in embracing life together on a daily basis.  Drawing us closer together as lovers and friends and spouses.  For me and him to be godly together in life and in love.  Drawing us closer to God.   Doing things out of the box is one thing as a couple and individually.   Last year, we did bowling and  rock climbing and I gave birth all naturally to our youngest son, J (May).   This year, we plan to do more.  My husband and I are doing the 5K Color Run in September. We aren’t runners by any chance but we are up for the challenge.   Combining our anniversary celebration with my birthday in late June (something we haven’t done  yet).   Not sure what else we will get up to.  I hope we get more time to be together alone this summer but we will have to wait and see.  

I was absolutely grateful that my husband chose to be home with our family on paternal leave this year for our youngest son, J from mid-January to May.   It was an amazing blessing for him to have that big chuck of time off to be with our boys and me since this would be his last opportunity to do so (the first time was for our middle son, A in 2010).  We did fun things: Jamaica, swimming with our boys, a couple Disney shows with our boys, and etc.  We took the opportunity to have a few date nights.  We got to try out a new restaurant: the Keg in March.  We made sure that we as parents that we took turns sleeping in every other day and giving each other breaks when needed.  I appreciated the nights that my husband would get up for our youngest son, J when he didn’t STTN when it was my turn to sleep in.  We had an incredibly long winter this year. Lots of snow storms and extreme cold temperatures so I was especially thankful that I didn’t have the crazy weather worries about my husband’s safe drive to/from work since he was already on leave. 

 I loved being able to enjoy every evening with my husband daily once our boys were in bed for the night doing whatever we desired to do that night. The chances to connect as a couple emotionally, physically and spiritually.   Now that he’s back to work,  it is tough again since his job involves shift work.  It’s especially hard when it is night shift which rotates with days every two weeks.  I’m alone again for two weeks.   We both hate this particular shift, but  I can’t complain too much.  He provides for our family enough where I am able to be at home with my boys all the time.  So I am appreciative of that blessing.   I look forward to our family vacation in July.  The last one taken was in 2012, so it’s been two years and we have our last addition this time around.  I am looking forward to embracing that week as a family and also as a couple.  Lots of beach days/nights are on the agenda LOL!  

So much to look forward to this year.  I love being married to such an amazing husband, lover, best friend and baby daddy.  He excites the life out of me every day.  I love being in love with him and loving him unconditionally.   I love that I get to wake up daily knowing that I get to be with him and embracing all the days of our lives together with our beautiful family.  I love that our beautiful  love continues to grow deeper and maturing emotionally, physically and spiritually daily. I have always loved him for who he is since we met, and he continues to surprise me with his changes as we grow together as a husband/wife, best friends, lovers, parents and individual.  I love who God has given me as the man of my dreams! 🙂


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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