April raining “lucky” showers?

Dear All,

March was indeed a busy month.  Somethings good, and some things were bittersweet.  Logan is now 3 years old.  He weighs 37.5 lbs and 38 inches tall.  It’s amazing.  Still feels like I had just given birth to him like yesterday, not 3 years ago.  He is thriving so well.   Austin is now 2 years old. His stats are 29 lbs and 34 inches tall now.  It’s amazing to believe how much he has changed.  He is still in the crib, but is maturing so much in all aspects.   Their biggest gift for their birthdays this  year was the “cars” that they can drive.  They’ve done it a few times, but hopefully they will do more soon as the spring weather approaches more on a regular basis.  Logan seems to have the hang of it more than Austin though.   I love those boys. They are absolutely amazing and beautiful blessings from Noah and God. 

This is Easter weekend.  I have had some moments during the course of March.   I miss Noah and SM.   We are still unfortunately TTC.  Hopefully that ends soon in a pregnancy!  Noah gave us hope with Logan and Austin and I still believe that Sea Monkey can give that hope in giving us another baby and bringing that home too.  That is in connection with April raining “lucky” showers for us.  I hope that Easter hatches  a “golden” egg for us to bake into a baby in my belly. I guess we will find out soon!

I watch those “Say Yes to the Dress” shows. Not often, but when I’m bored or something.   It’s hard to believe that I said “I Do” to Isaiah almost 6 years ago, this May.   I felt amazing on my wedding day.  I felt so beautifully sexy in my drop dead gorgeous dress.  I had a  v neck with straps and a backless feature.   It is ironic that my older brother is tying the knot this year in May also, and it’s a week before our anniversary.   I feel so happy for them and I know we’ll have flashback moments of our own wedding as we celebrate with my brother and SIL on their day!   Not only I felt the most beautiful on my wedding, but I also feel that beautiful when pregnant.  I feel so comfortable in my body and knowing that it’s adding a blessing to our family.  I want to get a beautiful dress for my brother’s wedding in hopes that I will also be pregnant on that special day for my brother.   I guess time will only tell.  I know our time is coming soon.  Just hopefully,  this is OUR month that we’re done being on the TTC train 😉  Spring is always about rebirth and renewal. 🙂  My belly needs waterin’ to grow! 😀   I like being skinny when NOT pregnant, but I am okay with gaining weight when I AM pregnant.  I feel it helps with the baby’s growth.   This month would give us a last chance at a 2012 baby, as July is no longer working out for us. It would next happen in late December if that is going to be the case.  Either a Christmas Baby or NYE.  I went to visit Noah today and passed on a wish for him to send down a special blessing for us,  preferably a sister, but we’re okay with another brother for the boys.  The main thing is for the new baby to be healthy for the whole 9 months and beyond.  I want to be able to have a successful labor and delivery!

Anyway,  I have so much to look forward.  I am looking forward to the boys’ reaction with Easter.  Looking for eggs left by the Easter Bunny(ies).   It’ll be beautiful and fun.   Stag for my brother later on in the month and a baby shower for a friend.  We have many more occasions to look forward in May! 🙂

Stay Tuned! Xoxo



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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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