March is lucky!!!

March 2012 is here. Month in general since 2008 has been a bittersweet month for our little family. We lost Noah (by 3 months early) in a stillbirth in 2008. He was due to be born in June. However, exactly a year later to the date on 3/16 in 2009, Noah gave us Logan and we were able to bring him home. We had the same luck in 2010 on 3/17. Austin arrived being our true Lucky Charm. We are hoping that we get more of those lucky vibes in getting pregnant again with a another healthy little one. It’s up to God and Noah (and Sea Monkey) to decide that for us though. We are still just “going with the flow” with TTC so it’s really up to them decide if we are meant to be lucky again this month! So stay tuned…..

Logan is doing well. He’s having more interest in using the potty and has been peeing in there a lot more lately. Hoping there will be progress soon for #2. He’s been close with that though. So I think it’s coming. He’s in pull ups all day except for naptime and bedtime where he uses a diaper. I think though, we will buy underwear soon though since the potty is getting more used now. He had his haircut on Wednesday. He looks good. I can’t believe he is turning 3 on the 16th! Time flies way too fast. Entering the “preschooler” stage. I don’t know if he will actually go to preschool this fall. I have not decided on that yet. He will switich to the “big boy” double bed likely by the end of this month or Early April at the very latest.

Austin’s doing good. He loves doing yoga. He does the “downward dog” position a lot on the couch! Silly boy! He will be making the transition from the crib to toddler bed by the end of this month/Early April. I hope it goes well. I know it’ll take some time for him to get used to it, but I think he’ll adapt well. I can’t believe this little lucky charm will be 2 on the 17th. Crazy!

We have other things to look forward to. SIL to be’s wedding shower and our annual family photos. It should be a good month.

We had a good February. We enjoyed our date night on Feb 18. We had dinner at Garlic’s and saw the Vow. Unfortunately, the date ended early with a late night ER trip for Logan and found that he had croup. We did see the Knights game the next afternoon though. So it kinda made up for the late night ER trip. We did see Disney on Ice at the JLC the next weekend and had dinner at Boston Pizza. So it’s been a good spark of romance for us as a couple especially since January was rough on us with losing SM and trying to resume TTC and with Isaiah being so busy with work.

Spring starts later this month, and we have so much to attend.. lots of special occasions which most of it is mainly family-related and for us as a couple. I will say though, there is 3 weddings back to back (May to July). Absoutely crazy, but it’s definitely the year for it and look forward to going to all of them and hoepfully, I will have my favorite preggo glow for all of these occasions 🙂

That’s all the update for now. Enjoy March and the arrival of Spring to come soon!

Much Love,


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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