Full of Love!!!!

Hi Everyone! 

 It’s February.  The love month!!!! Hehe.  January was definitely a hard month with our loss with SM.  But we have gone forward with our lives.    Logan started using the potty last week and did really well with it during the week.  A lot of pee.  No luck yet with #2.   He seems to only do it when it’s just me at home.  But we are working on changing that. We want Logan to be comfortable of using/going potty anywhere and with anyone around.  He does like to have full privacy as in closing the door and all that.   Logan has already mastered iwth standing up for the pee part which is awesome.  We have not had to do treats or anything, but we do ask him every couple hours if he has/needs to go and usually does.  He’s only said once so far that he needed to go potty.   So that’s the big change with Logan so far.   Hard to believe that he will be 3 next month (March).

Not much is new with Austin.  He is being more vocal and still very much a musical little boy!   Austin will be turning 2 in March (next month), just the very next day after Logan turns 3.    Crazy! 

Not a whole lot is new with us.  Isaiah continues to work a lot of OT at Toyota on Saturdays and during the week for start ups/clean ups.   We have a fabulous date night set for the 18/19th weekend of this month with dinner, bowling,  renting movie(s), and possibly a hockey game the next day.   We need this time together. It helps so much with our relationship/marriage.  We are going ahead with another pregnancy, but not so much as in being actively TTC this time around.  Just going with the flow in letting God choose when to bless us again.  So we’ll see what is in store for our family.   His timing is PERFECT.  SO this next baby would techincally be a surprise one as we won’t be expecting it at all.  This decision is the best for us individually and as a couple.  So with that said, I am focusing on our two boys (as I always have) for the time being and taking care of myself with keeping fit and enjoying being with my amazing husband.     We have lots to look forward in the next few months as well with our family, immediate and extended family 🙂   Enjoy February!!!

Sending lots of love,



About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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