Reflecting on 2011 and Sea Monkey!!!!!

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to take the time to reflect on 2011… the year overlook in our family!   Austin started walking a week before his birthday in March.  Austin turned 1 officially on March 17 (with Logan turning 2 the day before).  We celebrated it with immediate family and godparents.   The boys had their first easter egg hunt at home during Easter in April.   Isaiah and I celebrated our 5th anniversary in May with having a overnight getaway at a hotel and spending the extra night at home.  MIL had taken the boys for the entire weekend which was amazing.   We took our first family vacation in late June up to Collingwood for 4 amazing days.   The boys adapted really well (better than expected) there and Logan did some swimming with me the day before we left for home. He did some feet kicking too. He did so well.   I celebrated my 28th birthday back home with my husband and a couple friends. I absoutely looked smoking HOT in the dress that I had.   In July, I found out that I was going to NYC in September for a weekend with my mom to attend a family wedding (my cousin Jess) and went shopping for a new dress.   The summer was spent with lots of outside time in the backyard with the boys with the pool, bouncy castle jumping, play dates, swimming, the beach (only a couple times with one being in Collingwood), family get together.  September, I had my first flight out of the country in 5 years with my mom for a girly weekend so that we could attend a family wedding (Cousin Jess and Will) in NYC.  We had a blast. I surely of course missed my husband and my boys who were left behind at home with MIL taking care of the boys though.   Shortly after my return (late September), we decided that we were ready to continue growing our family so we resumed TTC (after a year and half since Austin’s birth!) to get a girl.  October was celebrated with thanksgiving and halloween.   Austin was a white doggy and Logan was Thomas the Tank Engine.    Isaiah had to work that night.  MIL and Ian helped me take the boys out for their trick or treating.  They had a great time.  It was the 2nd time for Logan and the first time for Austin.  They had a good loot!  

November 13th was the day we got the POSITIVE  home pregnancy test! I remember waking up at 6 am going to the bathroom and decided to test. I was 3 days early (away from getting AF).   It was showing 2 lines right away. I had used FRER brand. I was screaming my lungs out going YES!!!!! We got JULY!!!!!  Isaiah woke up out of bed to see what was going on and he was THRILLED!  It had only taken a month and half of TTC (half of the time that I expected for us to do.. it had taken another month of that with the boys).  I later confirmed it with a digital brand (Clear Blue) that showed up PREGNANT like right away with 2-3 weeks (since conception). I knew that I was ovulating during Halloween weekend so we conceived our baby then.  I wanted a nickname to bond with the baby right away and it took a few days but came up with SEA MONKEY!!!!  Gender neutral and summer related.  We were hoping for a summer baby and we got it!   We are hoping it’s a girl and have decided that regardless of the gender, that SM will be our last baby. 

 So I have been trying to enjoy this pregnancy to the fullest as much I can.  I have been taking weekly belly pictures with SM from the start.   I have been seen with my family doctor already (Dec 1) and see him again this coming week (Jan 4) and will have my first official ultrasound with SM on Jan 9th for 12 weeks (this one checks for measurements and any birth defects and probably likely change the due date). Right now it is at July 25, but I think it’ll change close to July 22 based on ovulation. So we’ll see!   I have had morning sickness with this pregnancy.  It was for a full week at 6 weeks and then it tapered off.   But now, it happens if SM doesn’t agree with whatever I eat that night. It’s been happening more lately again.   I do feel like crap physically.  I have acne on my face, chest and back.  People tell me that I have the preggo glow (which I also did with the boys).  The bump however has been growing fast since conception.  My appetite is higher th an it was with the boys.  The cravings are different though.  This time, I crave salad wraps, chips, subway, cheese and chocolate.   I have some bad sleeping nights with SM.  Some nights I can’t sleep well, and other nights I do.  Regardless,  I’m up a lot to empty my bladder…. 😛   I am still doing Zumba weekly.  I am looking forward to T2 when I will have more energy to do more exercise, do more stuff around the house and etc. 

The boys found out about SM a few days before Christmas.  Austin doesn’t really have a clue.  He probably will more torwards T3 (like Logan did then with Austin) and Logan at first was like no, no no. But since then he has come around and is asking for a sister (YAY!).  We spilled the news to family over Christmas weekend with a video that we always make at that time of the year (and in March with the boys’ birthdays) and added a surprise at the end.  All positive responses.  Both set of grandparents and siblings are thrilled!  We officially annouced publicly on FB late in the evening on Christmas Day.  I reach 11 weeks on Wednesday.  So looking forward to the  ultrasound on the 9th!!!!  We are planning on finding out the gender and should have that BIG u/s somewhere in late February or early March at the latest. 

  I will be delivering SM at Victoria this time.  St. Joe’s no longer delivers babies and hasn’t since late May of last year (2011).  I will also have a new OB with this pregnancy too.  I do plan to deliver vaginally like I did with the boys.  Naturally,  I probably will be induced again as my water has never broken on its own and I never feel any contractions.  I do hope not to go beyond the due date. It was horrible last time with Austin especially with Bells Palsy (which I hope it doesn’t surface this time too).  We’ll see! 

I will tell you that it will be definitely very interesting being extremely PREGNANT in my 9th month during July…. I’ve never been pregnant that long before. I got pregnant in the summer with the boys and I was only in T1 then.   But I wanted a summer baby and I will appreciate it to the end!!!  I can’t wait to meet SM in July and bring it home to thrive with our family! ❤   Please send GIRL vibes and healthy ones at that too!  Thank you!!!! ❤  We are very happy and blessed!!!!  This will complete our family!!!




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