Pretty Fall Leaves in October!

So here we are pretty much almost mid-way into October as I blog in here as a new update.

We reunited with Meghan S and her daughter Taylor in late September for a play date, after a few months of not seeing each other (since February!!) and it was a great morning one!   We have plans to reunite again next week J  We also had one with Beth at Beth’s house as the day we planned for the park, it rained…. But oh well.  It’s okay! I hope to see her and her two kids next week or at least the week after.

Not a whole lot is new with Logan.  He is definitely talking and talking more up a storm.   He is still shy to most people. He did play on the piano with Uncle Dylan (my brother) on Monday with Austin too.  He had his first apple farm outing on October 1st at Apple Land Station.  He loved the train ride (went on twice) and the big sandy hill even though it was a really chilly morning that day.  He is asking us for hugs and kisses more and does share the affection with Austin as well.

Austin finally weaned off the bottle (well I took it away for GOOD, finally!) last Friday.   We had attempted a few times earlier this year, the last attempt being at some point in the summer and he had cried like a bloody murder.   Austin seemed to be more ready this time around. Only crying for the bottle a few minutes and finally gave up.   He won’t touch the milk now in the sippy cup, but he willingly drinks juice and water no problem in these sippy cups.  We have reintroduced yogart (and eats more of that now) and other dairy products to replace the lack of milk in his tummy.   We have noticed with the absence of the bottle, he has the will to eat more food (YAY) in general at meal times.  I think his personality is a little better overall not that he wasn’t already a happy LC! 🙂  He still sleep through the night, thankfully.   Still naps once a day for the most part.  Maybe once a week or so, he will have a morning nap, but can do with out.   Austin will be turning 19 months this coming Monday (Oct 17).  Austin enjoyed the apple farm outing on the 1st.  Had a great time.

We just celebrated Thanksgiving on the weekend.  Spent Saturday visiting and eating turkey at Violet and Ian’s and playing cards.  Sunday was spent at home.  Put balls in their summer pool (now in the play room) and did some finger painting.   Monday was spent playing having turkey dinner #2 at my parents house.  Went for a good walk with the boys, Dad and Isaiah.  The boys did some piano with Uncle Dylan.   Next event to look forward is Halloween.  Should be fun.  It’ll be interesting with  both Logan and Austin tricking or treating together this year (Austin stayed behind with Isaiah as I took Logan out last year).  The entire weekend was GORGEOUS  weather-wise. Freakin’ beautiful warm temps. Indian Summer like weather.  Couldn’t have asked for anything better!

I got my haircut on Sept 22.   Nails done last week.  Not much else is new with me.  I went to a hockey game with Dad on Sept 30 and had dinner with him too. That was a fun night.   Hardly get to do one –on-one time with him.  So it was definitely a treat.

Isaiah has been working a lot of overtime with start ups and clean up time as well and has a LOT of Saturdays to work for the remainder of the year which is crazy but GOOD for $$ especially for Christmas and car stuff.

Okay. That’s about all for now.  Enjoy the rest of October.  Look for me again in November 🙂

Blowing a breeze,


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