Rolling into Fall… time for apple ciders!

Hi Everyone! 

The summer is wearing off, and we are approaching the new season of fall. It officially starts on Friday,  September 23.   The weather actually was long gone, like a week ago.  So it has been here “unofficially”, Autumn that is.  Time for sweaters, jeans,  turning the heat on, and drinking apple ciders. Watching the leaves change and fall down.  Grass cutting drawing to a close.  No more outdoor swimming fun. 

Our boys continue to grow and thrive.  They both reached another milestone this past weekend.   Logan turned 30 months (2  and half years old) on Friday September 16, and Austin reached 18 months  aka 1 year and half years old on Saturday September 17.   Austin had a check up on Thursday September 15, and now is at 26 lbs and 33 inches tall. Big LC that Austin is now!  He’s surely is catching up to Logan more quickly with the height.  We are still thinking Austin will end up being taller than Logan overall.  He’s getting real close! Not much else is new on their lives.

As for me….. I went to NY with my mom during  the Sept 11 weekend to attend a family wedding.  It was a lot of fun. I got to wear my new dress that was bought earlier in July for it.  I looked great.   I of course missed my husband and my two boys, but it was definitely a nice getaway for a couple days.  It also had been 5 years since I last flew on a airplane, so definitely crazy!  I also attended my ’97 class reunion (Grade 8) on Saturday and it was interesting.  Definitely nice to catch up to those classmates that showed up for it.  It was a fun time.  It was at Crabby Joe’s. So we had some drinks and apps.

Isaiah has gone back to full force at work with 9 hour shifts (including OT) and working Saturdays.  He also has lost 9 lbs since Toyota has gone back to normal working hours after Labor Day.  He also has been busy with upping his work resume with “Team Leader”. He is not there officially yet, but he did pass the test and has the potential to be one. Isaiah did  his first volunteer thing (after 4 years of working there) last night with “clean up” work and  staying late after shifts.   Will be tackling more courses to help get into the team leader position as well.

The house continues to “update”.  Austin’s ceiling fan finally got installed. New outdoor lanterns are up. New exterior doors installed for the front door and kitchen door. The doors are being painted green .  Our shutters and mailbox are now green as well. Railings getting a touchup.  It’s looking even better 🙂

That’s about all that’s new, I believe. So enjoy the last few days of September.  October is just around the corner with the celebrations of Thanksgiving and Halloween 🙂

Sending Smiles,



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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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