Huggable August :)

Hi Peeps!

So Summer is already starting to wind down a little bit since it’s half way through August now.  The nights are still warm, but not as hot as it was early in the summer.  The sun is finally going down a little early now like 8:30 or earlier.  I absolutely look forward to the fall though because then the boys’ bedrooms upstairs won’t be so hot…. And it’ll actually be nice and cool enough for them to sleep better especially Logan.  We did get a ceiling fan installed for Logan’s room and it is helping a little bit, but it’s still a little hot up there at night.   We’re still waiting for Austin’s ceiling fan to be installed but he does have a portable one to use for the time being.   We got the rest of the house painted.   The kitchen is now blue and two-toned. Light on the top and a bit darker on the bottom (separated with that white trim border in the middle).  Living room is a soft gold now.  Hallway is Mandarin white (so a really light soft version of gold).   The play room and the spare room are being left alone for the time being, but it will likely get changed within a year’s time. We’ve just had enough with painting for this year anyway.  We are getting new doors installed for the front door and kitchen door soon.  Can’t wait for that change soon! Also will have new outdoor lanterns put up by the front entrance and kitchen entrance.  Excited for that! 2011 definitely has been the year for changes to the house. Definitely still have lots more to change, but we can only do so much in a year and $$ so other projects will be moved to the list for 2012.  

Not a whole lot is new on Logan’s life. Logan is now 29 months. He is still battling with the terrible twos.  He really had been pushing a lot of buttons lately.  Testing us at BEDTIME.  One night,Logan actually stayed up till about 11 with Isaiah.  Just constantly coming out of his room and telling him to go to bed.   IT is frustrating.  He apparently was up at 4 am this morning…. But I didn’t wake up for him until 6:45.  Logan had a BIG fit at Walmart this afternoon.   He also kept buggingAustin in the car, and Austin showed him he had it with him by biting Logan’s hand….   Loganalso wasn’t co-operative at our family photo shoot on Thursday.  Just was not having it at all.  No clue yet if we got any decent/passable shots of him (Proofs won’t be in for a week or so). Logan is however getting better with going to bed at Grandma’s lately though for sleepovers which is good and staying in the room.

Austin continues to flourish all the time.  He is now 17 months.  He recently just had 2nd haircut on the 16th.   So grown up.   He is surprising us with certain milestones.  Eating a whole pizza himself.   He is mastering the use of the fork more. One night, ate a popsicle and freezes.   Austin also has learnt to jump/bounce more independently.   Talking and learning more words… cow, arm, uh oh, home, car, etc.  Singing more songs: row, row, row your boat;  E-I-O, E-I-O.   Sits through movies especially Toy Story sequels. Austin is still on the bottle unfortunately and still has no signs of climbing out of his crib.  He still has the easy going, happy go lucky personality.  Austin did great at the family shoot on Thursday. 

As for me.  I went back to blonde on August 13th.   Just had enough of having dark hair. I knew that it wasn’t going to be a permanent thing.  Just temporary.  I knew in my heart that I have more happiness with being blonde. I’m sure I will be back to having dark hair eventually again but not right now.  It brings out my blue eyes.  With this year’s family shoot, I also got some personal shots of myself. So I can’t wait to see how these turned out.   I also managed to get some “couple” shots with Isaiah this year also. So that is exciting too.  Obviously there were some family ones taken, and some of the boys themselves. I can’t remember if there were any taken with the boys together (I think not, just because of how Logan was acting up during the session).   Not much else with my life.  I did return to Zumba this week. Monday and Wednesday.   After not working out much lately…   I need to do it more though! I am still tanned lol, even though we haven’t been to the beach much this year.  I hope that we do get to go at least one more time before or during Labor Day weekend with the boys.

As for Isaiah, there’s not much to report here.. He has been off this week for his “final” regular vacay of the year.  Well at least until Christmas. Then that’ll be the “shutdown” week.  Didn’t do a whole lot of adventures.  We did do Storey brook Gardens on Wednesday though.  Fun times.  Isaiah’s cousin, Shane and his GF had a baby boy, Dominick on Wednesday night and we went to meet the new cutie on Thursday at Vic’s.  He is doing some team leader courses next week so he could eventually upgrade his position at work which is good.  Isaiah will be very busy with work come September though.   Back to regular schedule of 9 hr work day (and that includes the 1 hour OT and 4 hour OT on Saturdays (well every other Saturday) but he’s working one Saturday where he does the full 8 hr OT in exchange for the 2  half day Saturdays.

Anyway, that’s about all that’s new right now.   September is booking up fast with those OT Saturdays, my girls’ weekend with mom in NY (for a family wedding) and elementary school reunion so it’ll be lots to dish then!

Enjoy the rest of August and what it brings the last drops of warm sunny days of summer!



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