Sultry July News!

Here is a new update on the Bowers Family! 🙂

We are well into the middle of the summer now.  And we continue to be busy as a family and individually as well.    We had a wonderful first family trip up in Collingwood in late June and to our surprise, the boys actually had a great time and adapted well to being away.   I turned 28 on June 30.   My 3 loves gave me this beautiful pink necklace for my birthday.  It’s gorgeous!   Since we have been home from Collingwood,  Isaiah was at work for a week and then for almost a couple weeks now which is that he’s home on “shutdown”.  So we’ve been busy doing stuff around the house with cleaning/organizing things and cleaning up weeds and stuff outdoors around the backyard mainly.  It’s getting there and better.   The boys have been using their “kiddie” pool lately and all that jazz.  We did take them to the Children’s Museum yesterday (last visit was back in March) and they had a great time! There’s been a heat wave going around lately. HOT HOT HOT!!!  Crazy!

Loganis now 28 months.  He had his 4th haircut last week. He looks great.  More grown up.  He continues to talk in longer sentences and adding new words to his vocab.   Logan is still shy/reserved for the most part when it comes to other people besides family. 

Austinis now 16 months.  He had a late 15 month check up (a few things came up on our end and the doc’s end) but he is now23.9 pounds(so almost24 pounds) and is31 inches.  So he’s almost as tall asLogan! Austincontinues to bloom with his outgoing, silly and musical personality.  He’s so funny.  He is talking more, but sometimes he speaks so soft that you can almost miss it and count it as babble.  He is though adding more words to his vocab.  He said the first color word the other day and it’s yellow.  We’re thinking it might be his favourite color.  We shall see.  Blue was Logan’s first color word but Green has been his favourite color since early on like way before 1 year. Austinis still on the bottle but we are working on weaning him off.  He tends to use the bottle as a soother sometimes.  So we are trying to nix that habit like now.

I continue to be more social lately.  I went out for my birthday on July 2nd with a few friends and Isaiah.  Dinner and clubbing. Fun times. It could have been better with more friends but it is what it is.   I was just out on Saturday for more clubbing fun with a close girlfriend of mine, Kelly. It was great.  Isaiah and I were just out tonight for  my former job’s annual summer pool party and we had a great time.  I still feel great with my current body look, but still want to aim to lose a few more pounds.  So we’ll see how the rest of the summer goes with Zumba. I have been bad lately with not doing anything.   I am looking forward to my massage with Jaime next weekend J  I get to do some shopping fun with my mom Thursday so that’ll be good.

There isn’t much new with Isaiah.  He’s just been home more lately with his vacay in late June and currently on shutdown (2 weeks). He will be back to work next week and will be working for the next 4 weeks from that point on until his last vacay of the year which will be late August.  Looking forward to that. 

We have a few things to look forward in August with a family reunion on my side,  Dad’s birthday, and Isaiah’s final vacay of the year which also includes our annual family photo shoot (excited!!!!), and we might do a day trip somewhere with the boys like the Toronto Zoo or Marine Land. It is still TBA.  Hopefully, I will have a couple more girls night out in August as well! 

So that’s what is going on with my little family.  Enjoy the rest of July!!!! Seize the day as summer travels by!

Lots of Love,



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