Summer 2011 has arrived!

Hi all!

Sorry for the late update!  We’ve been a busy family!  Bound to get more busy as time goes on as summer has arrived which means a lot more outdoor activities and such.  Speaking of that, we have been spending more time in the backyard for our outdoor time with the boys for the last few weeks. We try to take advantage of it every day if possible, with good weather forecasting it.  I have gotten some sun because of it.  

Logan has been communicating a lot more… Longer sentences and trying to say manners more like please, thank you.   He asks about Austin if he’s not around (ie, napping and etc).  Logan’s more vocal in what he wants/doesn’t want.  He still has his fits though. Yup, still in the T2 phase!  He’ll get into mischeif even if I’m only gone for a minute.   Logan has gotten better for the most part at bedtime as in not coming out of his room. Just staying in his room and going to sleep though.  Logan has of late has roughhoused with Austin in a playful way, but we still have to watch him.  There are still tons of times that Logan will go too far, and Austin will get upset from that.

Austin is now 15 months.  He is also trying to talk more.  He has vocalized more words.   Austin goes down the slide like no problem. Climb on it no problem.  He has also mastered going down the stairs.  He can climb up the stairs but doesn’t always do it all the time.   Still has two naps when we are home.   Can function with 1 nap if out and about though.  Austin will have his check up on Friday and will share the numbers when I get to that.

Not a whole lot is new with Isaiah and I.  I personally have been more social lately. Going to a few events.  And h ope to remain a social butterfly for the rest of the summer.  I also have started to cut down my coke intake and drink more water with the Crystal light flavors.   It’s helping.   I figure it will help along with my weight loss.  I’m almost happy with where I am, but not quite there yet.  I know it will happen soon enough though.  Had my wonderful massage with Jaime last Saturday. So good.  Have another booked for July.  It’s hard to believe I will be 28 on the 30th.   Crazy.  Just 2 shy years away from the big “30”!  OMG!  LOL.   Isaiah attended  a TNA event (wrestling) with his friends earlier this month.  That’s probably the biggest highlight of the month for him. He is still on the day shift with Toyota.  Building cars 3 days out of the 5 days of work.  Update though that the shifts will go back to days and nights in August, and just bam overnight in September, they will be back to 9 hours shifts and overtime on Saturdays.   We have our first family vacay in Collingwood starting this Saturday (25th) to Wednesday at the latest.  Should be an interesting trip!

Anyway, enjoy the rest of June and look out for July’s sunny update soon! Live up the summer!



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