May Flowers

Hi Everyone!

Can’t believe it’s May already. 5 months into 2011. Crazy how time flies.  It’s already half way done, this month.  Geez!  I’m back to give you an new update on our little family life.

Logan is now 26 months old.  The newest thing would be telling me when he has done his businesss  as “I pooped” or “I peed” and would want a change.  We have been putting him in pull ups. He still doesn’t have much interest in the potty, but we’ll get there.   Logan still uses diapers for nap and bedtime though.   Logan also has weaned from sleepers and wearing two piece sleepwear for bedtime.  His vocab continues to explode and expand in talking/conversations. Not much else is new with him. He continues to grow and mature.

Austin is now 14 months old.  He is “talking” more.   Still sleeps really well with naps and bedtime.  Still in the crib.  Austin although has graduated from the high chair.  He got a new booster seat as of Monday.  So Austin’s now a big boy at the table just like his older brother, Logan.  He has been weaned from the baby food for like a couple months now and literally is eating what we have for meals and doing well with it.  Austin is still unfortantely on bottles and still no success with graduating to sippy cups. We are working on it, and may have to try a different brand/type (Logan did really well with Playtex and Austin CAN drink from these but won’t do it though).

As for Isaiah,  he is still working full time at Toyota.  Isaiah is (as of currently) on day shift and will likely stay on that till August.   His first vacay of this year is next week (yup, starting with the long weekend and ending with our anniversary weekend).  Isaiah will still have a week off in June,  two weeks in July (shut down),  and a week in August.   Isaiah’s back has been acting up for the past month.  He has seen a chiropractor for the past couple weeks.  He also has made a couple ER visits.  I really hope things turn around for the better soon for him!

As for me,  not a whole lot is new.  I have been out and about for friends functions the past month. It’s a nice break away from my daily life as a mom at home. I still continue to work at my weight loss and focusing at it with mainly Zumba. I pretty much have fallen off with the Biggest Loser though.  I love my body right now, but still not 100% comfortable where I am at though, so I still want to keep at it.  I’ll get there though.  My body is going through the motions also. I have gone off the Pill recently (as it was my main source of birth control since Austin’s arrival for the past year) and just let my body recover more “naturally”.  We are using other sources of protection though. It is no secret that we want to continue growing our family, but we are not ready to resume TTC right now. We want to enjoy the boys  and I want to enjoy “me” for a bit longer.   It is safe to say that we may have news though on that front within a year from now.   I think the biggest news with me is that I finally after 10 years, upgraded my cochlear implant device (Esprit 22) to Freedom. (I have had the implant since ’89 so over 20 years now).  It’s definitely an big adjustment/change, but it is for the good.  I am happy that I went with it. 🙂

For now, the best news is that we are celebrating our 5 years of being married on the 27th (and we will have been together for 10 years total then too!).  We will be wisking away to a hotel on the 28th and will also have dinner out also.  We hope to also have a beach day together on the 29th (assuming that we have perfect weather for it).  We are thankful to my parents who will take care of our precious boys while we celebrate this amazing milestone in our lives!

Anyway, that’s all for now.  More updates to come in June!  Enjoy the rest of May!


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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