Sour Keys in April

Hi Everyone! 

So sorry for the late update.  We continue to be busy with the boys and other things.   A few things have happened in the past month.   We have painted some rooms with new colors.  We’ve so far accomplished the basement’s kitchen and bathroom, main floor bathroom, main floor hallway the boys’ bedrooms.  These rooms rock so far with the bright colors (the hallway is the only one that is “muted”). We’ve yet to tackle the living room, the main floor kitchen and the upper floor hallway.  We are leaving the play room and the extra sitting/spare room alone for now.  

Austin is now 13 months. Austin has gotten his 3rd tooth, and looks like a fourth will be on the way soon.  Austin’s new favorite word is no, and waves no too.   Austin also recently had his first haircut (April 21).   He also has learned to go down the slide (small one in the bkyd on his own).  I should also mention that he  is walking like a pro  now.  Austin still continues to have two naps a day, but likely will wean down to 1 by June or so.   LC also had his first easter egg hunt this year.   Also was at his first “official” mass (since his baptism last year) on Easter Sunday and did pretty good for the most part. 

Logan is now 25 months odl.  He continues to talk more daily.  Logan is now at the age/phase where he can get out of his room (even with the child proof lock on his door) just because he “can”, and we are working on having him stay put in his room for naps and bedtime.    He also can be overly hyper at times, has tantrums, and thinks he can walk all over us so we have timeouts for him (not long, but enough for him to understand why he is in that slot).  Like Austin,  Logan also experienced his firt real easter egg hunt this year at home and at my parents and also had his first “official” mass also. Logan continues to be teething, but looks like he is very close to having the full set of his teeth. So hopefully, he’ll be done very soon.   We plan to start potty training very shortly.  We did try pull ups last year, and he wasn’t too interested then, so we are going to reintroduce it again within the next week and see how it goes.  He will also be weaned off with the sleepers and wear normal two piece sleepwear in the same week.

Not a whole lot is new with me.  I had my first girls night of the year a couple weeks back with my long time close friend & former neighbour, Sarah W and a bunch of her girlfriends.   That was awesome.  It was so needed.   I also have another fun night planned for Friday.  House party at a friends’ place.   This is my plan for the spring/summer is to have more nights out with my girlfriends and I feel comfortable enough to do that this year since I’ve lost enough weight (even though I still feel like I want to lose a bit more!) and I miss doing that anyway.  Obviously, it still won’t be as often and crazy as it was in the past prior to my first pregnancy with Noah but it’ll be enough to keep me happy 🙂   I also recently had my hair cut.   It feels so much better.  It’s a bit shorter/lighter and bouncier 🙂  I’ll probably keep it that way for the spring & summer.  Then actually grow it longer again for the rest of the year.  We’ll see. 

Not a whole lot is new with Isaiah.  Work is still a bit slow and shorter hours.   Isaiah is still working 8 hours a day.  He did opt to take Thursday (day before Good Friday) and Easter Monday off.  Good Friday was already a given paid holiday. So he was home for 5 days.    There is the option of being home Fridays and Mondays until June but he is going in for the rest of the “optional” days and there is shutdown during the May 24 week (which will now be considered as Isaiah’s vacation week (and the following week as planned). 

Lots going on in May…..Fam reunion,  Mother’s Day,  Isaiah’s vacation weeks,  May 24 weekend, and our anniversary weekend!!!  Today actually marks exactly a month away from our anniversary (May 27). It’s amazing to see that we’ve been married for 5 years (well almost!) and nearly 10 years together as a couple… we’ve been so blessed all this time 🙂

Anyway, enjoy the rest of april, and stay tuned for May’s update 🙂

Lots of Love,


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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