Now feeling SPRING in March!

Hi Everyone!

Lots has happened since the last update in February!  The boys are doing well.   Logan just turned 2 yesterday.   Not much new on his front though.  COntinues to be teething, and still is shy around new people (mainly ones that he doesn’t really know).   Austin just turned 1 today.   He started officially walking yesterday (on Logan’s birtthday) with 10 steps.  He started to “walk” on March 9 though with 2-3 steps.  We did host a small family birthday party for the boys on March 6 (the only day that worked for the attendees).  It consisted of the “CARS” theme (which was the theme of the boys cake too).  Austin had his first   taste of cake but didn’t really like it.  Logan had no problems though (he liked it for his first time last year also).   They were definitely spoiled with gifts from the grandparents and their aunts/uncles (and godparents).   Logan got his gifts from us yesterday and Austin will be getting his tonight.  The boys have their “yearly” checkup with the doc next Wednesday.  Excited to know what their new weight and height stats are! Btw, Austin recently had a hearing follow up appt (based on my history) and he is doing just fine!  🙂  Logan’s the same way. Hears just fine.

We’ve been having some playdates lately for the past month.  We have seen Meghan (one of my “march” moms), Beth and this morning with Micaela.  Fun stuff.

It is finally looking like spring here.  Which is awesome.  Isaiah and I are looking forward to being more active outside with the boys more often soon with being in the backyard,  walks and other things. 

Isaiah and I continue to push through with our weight loss.  I’ve recently lost 2 more pounds for the past week which puts me even closer to my original goal. Isaiah stopped tracking his weight loss in Dec but recently has started up again.  He is still doing good.  Our scale puts him at 244 but the BL scale on the Wii puts him at 238 (which is even lighter).  WTG, babe! Keep going!  We definitely want to look our best for the beach/swim season for this spring/summer.

Not much else is new.  Isaiah is still working at Toyota.  His OT has been cancelled for the time being though and cut back to 8 hours/day for the work week until further notice.  It’s due to the recent disasters in Japan.  Toyota gets 40% of their car parts from Japan and the rest from other places.

Anyway.  That’s the lucky charm update.  Enjoy St. Patty’s Day and the rest of March! 🙂


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