Love Showers in February!

Hi Peeps!

I am back with our monthly update. We will start with Austin, our youngest. He is currently at 11 months old (1st birthday in March) with two teeth and looking like more will be on the way soon. Austin has gotten more brave lately with standing up on his own w/o support for longer periods of time, and also can get off the couch all on his own too. He LOVES music and will bop/dance to the songs. It’s too adorable. I love that part of his personality! Austin has recognized what “hair” is and will touch his hair in reaction to it.

Next up is Logan, our oldest. Logan is currently 23 months old. A month away from turning 2! He copies some words we say and learns more words every day as well. He continues to have more affection with all of us. Logan always makes sure that Austin is with us too for whatever we do/need to do. Logan continues to have those “terrible twos” tantrums from time to time too.

As for myself… Not a whole lot is new. I’ve played with my hair again. I’m now auburn (since Feb 6) and love it. May keep it through the spring and summer. We will see! I have lost 5/6 lbs since November with using the “Biggest Loser” program on the Wii. Getting the new game of Zumba this weekend and will see how it goes. Hopefully, it’ll help melt off more weight too! Have about 10lbs or so to get to my currrent weight goal.

As for my husband, Isaiah. Not much is new. He has been busy with work, especially doing more OT on Saturdays. He gets to have this coming Monday off for “Family Day” holiday which is awesome. Looking forward to that.

Our family life in general have been good. The boys have had their monthly sleepover at MIL’s and will be at my parents this weekend. Isaiah and I enjoyed a Valentine dinner date night out on Feb 14 at Milestones. IT was nice for a change to be dressed up and to go out on a weekday. Thanks and love to Isaiah’s BFF for watching the boys that night. I also was surprised with my fave red roses on that morning too! The boys have had a playdate with Beth and her kiddos at Wonderland earlier in the month, and have been outside from time to time in the snow. More things scheduled to come for the rest of the month.

Anyway, we are looking forward to SPRING. We are done with the winter, and snow, and ready to welcome warmer and dry weather, and the ability to go on family walks and more outside activities/places for the boys to be active. March come quick! 🙂 That’s all there is for our February update. Watch out for more feeds in the near future.

Sending lots of happiness, Jules


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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