Snowy & Wintery December!!!

Hi Peeps!


Welcome December!!!!


The final month of 2010…… hard to believe it’s here already!!!!  It definitely has welcomed the month with early snow dumplings including a 3 day storm of that.  Crazyness! We already have over 100cm of snow….. insane!  Definitely has turned London a very wintery wonderland! Christmas is fast approaching…. Xmas eve is a week away from tonight. OMG!


Ready for some updates on me and my family?  Here it is!


I personally have been battling a cold for over 2 weeks now..mainly cough and sore throat.  Will be finally seeing my fam doc this coming Monday and see what  can be treated with for this crap…. I definitely want to be well for Christmas.  I have also been trying out a new workout program on the Wii which is “The Biggest Loser” and looks like there’s some weight loss as a result of it J  Last week was week 1 and i lost 2 lbs! Some progress is better than none at all right? So we’ll see how next week weight in says……. Not much else is new with this mama.  Just looking forward to the holiday season with my 3 loves!  Curious to see the boys’ excitement over Christmas weekend esp. Xmas morning!!!


Isaiah had his birthday on Dec 3rd and he is now 28.  He continues to lose weight…. you looking good baby!  He is definitely looking forward to his Christmas week off from work which is Dec 24 to Jan 4. 🙂 Isaiah has also booked his vacation weeks for next year (2011)…May, June, July (automatic shut down week), and August (and of course Christmas week in Dec) 😀  


Logan is being a toddler as usual.  He went to the LSTAR’s Children Xmas Party on the 4th for the 2nd year in a row (first time was last year).  He also got his face painted that day.  Logan tends to be in "the TERRIBLE TWOS" mode a lot of the time now… drive us crazy!  Logan is now 21 months old.  He also got to be outside in the snow today with Austin (Dec 17).  Logan continues to learn more new words all the time and learning more body parts too!  Logan will get to celebrate Christmas for the 2nd year in a row. Curious to see how he reacts over the merry weekend!


Austin is our usual handsome Lucky Charm! He started to crawl and pulling up/standing up in late November. Pretty much a pro at that now.  Austin got to attend his first LSTAR’s Children Xmas Party on Dec 4. He also got face painted for the first time that day too!  Austin has been teething a lot  lately so we think his first tooth is coming really soon. (Logan got his first tooth at 10 months earlier this January). Austin turned 9 months as of today (Dec 17).  Austin got to be outside in the snow with Logan today 🙂  Austin continues to be a easy going baby around people.  Austin will be celebrating his first Xmas this year with us and Logan. Should be amazing for him! Can’t wait for his reactions 😀


We have so much going on for the final weeks of this month….. Isaiah works his final OT of the year tomorrow (supposedly all day). I have my doc appt for my cold on Monday.  We attend the Wine and Cheese Party at Sutton on Tuesday night.  Isaiah will be off on break starting in the evening of the 23rd (Thursday).   Christmas Eve will be spent at my parents (the Sworik Family Xmas).  Xmas Day Morning spent at home with our boys (Bowers Family Xmas).  Mass later that morning.  Off to MIL for the rest of the day on Xmas Day.   Boxing Day is scheduled for the MIL’s side of the family annual get together at MIL’s house.  The last week of 2010 is undecided but grateful that Isaiah will be home to be with me and the boys.  NYE is TBA as well.  Regardless, the memories of the remainder of the year will be amazing and we adore our boys all the time!!! 😀


Alright… that’s enuff of the news.  Enjoy the rest of December. Hope to update before NYE!


Sending some Merry Vibes!!!!






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